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Benalmádena celebrates the institutional event of International Women’s Day

This morning the institutional event in commemoration of International Women’s Day was held at the El Bil-Bil Castle, in which the traditional recognitions were given to great people from Benalmádena.

Mercedes Sánchez Vico received the award from the Arroyo de la Miel-Benalmádena Women’s Association, for her extensive career, not only in educational centers and her work at the IES Al Baytar, but also for being at the head of the Andalusian Women’s Institute (YO SOY). The Women’s Democratic Movement (MDM) presented the award to Isabel Claudia Torrico González, for her fight in favor of equality and for protecting women victims of gender violence by offering free places in their classes to heal their bodies and minds.

On behalf of the City Council, Josefa Luque Castro was honored, “for her continuous collaboration in the cultural and traditional events of the municipality; and Loli Salas Zaragoza, “for being a wonderful woman, loved by all her neighbors, and an example of generosity and solidarity.” Likewise, the Benalmádena Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs (ACEB) paid tribute to two businesswomen, Belinda Pérez Cisneros, as a veteran businesswoman in recognition of her 20 years at the helm of her business; as well as the sisters Sonia Urbano Nieto and Rocío Urbano Nieto, for their recent business commitment in the municipality.

The mayor, Juan Antonio Lara, congratulated the Arroyo de la Miel-Benalmádena Women’s Association, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary and praised its “incalculable” work in the municipality, and emphasized “the strength of the groups that Benalmádena has in defense of real and full equality, such as the Women’s Democratic Movement (MDM), or the business group of women represented at the event with the tributes of the ACEB, women from different public and private spheres who defend equality.

With this act, tribute is paid “to the work of women from Benalmádena who have been an example to follow, references for our society for their career, involvement, generosity and a life full of challenges, efforts, and work, which are rewarded with the affection and admiration of an entire people.”

“Equality is the only way that exists to guarantee a more just and tolerant, more plural and transgressive, and more generous and egalitarian society,” said Juan Antonio Lara.

The mayor highlighted his commitment to “integrate the gender perspective into all public policies emanating from our administration; to promote the participation of women in positions of representation, political decision-making and municipal administration in the field of municipal powers; participate in raising awareness with programs aimed at promoting, among the general population, and especially among men and young people, a change in attitudes favorable to a more democratic and egalitarian model of coexistence; and to support co-responsibility policies at the municipal level to design comprehensive care systems from a gender perspective.”

For her part, the Councilor for Equality, Jésica Trujillo, highlighted during the event that this day “should be celebrated 365 days a year” because “thanks to associations we reach where we often do not reach.” “I have been lucky enough to surround myself with strong, fighting women,” and then add: “Women are not anyone’s property, we are slaves of freedom and owners of our own destiny.”

“We have to be proud of the progress, but there is still a lot to do and to achieve it it is necessary to be united and take small but firm steps towards the total elimination of inequalities,” said Trujillo.




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