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A hundred workers request the reopening of the Tívoli to Grupo Tremón, its already “legitimate” owner

Tívoliworkers and unions (CCOO and UGT) held a new rally this morning to protest the closure of the amusement park. After the announcement that the Supreme Court has ratified the sentence of the Provincial Court of Malaga that condemns the Cipasa company to hand over the space to the Tremón real estate group, -which bought the play area in 2007-, both trade unionists and workers ask their now the legitimate owner, who “reopens the facilities and thus save jobs”.

Different political groups in the city joined the rally in support. The workers explained to Ole Benalmádena the “difficult situation they are going through since the park closed” and the helplessness they feel “in the face of an uncertain future” since they know nothing about the intentions that the owner company has for the leisure park.  Since it closed its doors a year and a half ago, after entering bankruptcy, there are a hundred people who hope to return to their jobs in these facilities.

For his part, the mayor, Víctor Navas, described the judicial resolution as “positive because it finally elucidates who is the owner of the park, which makes it easier for us as a local administration to contact to try to guarantee the continuity of Tívoli“.

In Navas’s opinion, now Tremón “has the responsibility of taking care of the park’s management, both with its debts and with its profits, because Tívoli continues to be profitable, as was demonstrated again in 2020, when it opened only three months in a context of pandemic, economic crisis and capacity restrictions, and even so it achieved sufficient profitability to cover the operating expenses of a whole year ”.

Unions and workers marched to the gates of the Tívoli.

In this sense, the mayor once again asked Tremón for “gestures and signals: the workforce is very concerned because they do not know what is going to happen from next month, and they need certainty about what the owner company is going to do”.

“Today we know the same as two years ago: Tremón has not come back to the Benalmádena City Council to talk about Tívoliand its future,” highlighted the first mayor. Likewise, he recalled that a meeting was held at the Provincial Court of Malaga to address the various possibilities that would allow the continuity of the park and in which “different lines of work were offered in which it has not been deepened enough, nor have they been considered other alternatives, an extreme of which we do not want to blame either the administrations or Tremón, but it does require will on the part of the current owner, who must publicly explain what he is going to do with the park, because to this day we still do not know”.

The mayor has assured that if the owner of the Tívoli wants to open the park, he will have the Benalmádena City Council as an ally; “And if you do not want to open it and they do not offer a reasonable explanation, we will ensure the general interest”.

The Tívoli is an icon of tourism on the Costa del Sol, and for this reason the City Council proposed an urban protection for the land in the Plenary Session last August, in which a modification of elements of the PGOU was initially approved to guarantee that they can only have as use the amusement park.

Navas revealed that in response to this modification, “we received a rather harsh letter from Tremón, because they understand that we have taken a measure that does not correspond to us, a statement with which we do not agree because the public powers must put a stop to the speculation, and as in this case there is a possibility of it occurring, we have to fight against it ”.

In the event that the brake on the opening of the park is economic, the mayor raised the possibility of setting up a work table together with the Board, County Council, City Council and owners “to try to solve this aspect, because I believe that It is not in the mind of any Administration to financially stifle a business project, quite the contrary, but the most responsible and interested party, the current owner company, must show their willingness to seek that solution ”.

Along these lines, Navas insists that when the City Council has tried to protect Tívoli in urban planning, “we have encountered a harsh reproach from Tremón, an attitude that does not denote a willingness to seek a solution”.

Likewise, he clarified that the figure of urban protection for the park proposed by the City Council does not prevent the development of new commercial or hotel spaces and that the Tívoli “could house a hotel or a commercial area, but everything must be linked to its continuity as theme park”.

For his part, the IU councilor, Pablo Centella, has valued that “after the property issue has been resolved, the appropriate procedural moment has arrived for Tremón to make a decision as he can no longer shield himself after the uncertainty, and we hope that take charge of the workers and the reopening of the park ”.

Centella has pointed out that “what we do want to make clear is that we are not going to allow speculation with the land at any time and that the plot has a different use than as a leisure park”.

The local government announced that it will join the mobilizations carried out by the workers, and “we are calling on the population as a whole to participate on October 22 in the demonstration that will be organized through the main streets of Arroyo de la Miel”.



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