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A new ordinance will regulate the parking of motorhomes in Benalmádena

The October ordinary plenary session, held this morning, has proceeded to the initial approval of the Municipal Ordinance Regulating Parking and Overnight Stay for Motorhomes, Caravans, and Home Vehicles in the municipality of Benalmádena.

As explained by the Councilor for Public Roads, Encarnación Cortés, the motorhome or itinerant tourism activity has experienced significant growth in recent years throughout Europe, and the current sectoral regulation does not adequately respond to the problems posed by this activity for users, public administrations and citizens in general.

Thus, in the case of Benalmádena, Cortés explained that it is a question of drawing up an Ordinance for the parking of motorhomes, caravans and home vehicles “that adjusts to reality, looking out for the common welfare of all; both users of this group and residents of the municipality ”.

The purpose of this regulation is, on the one hand, to fill the legal void that may exist in the city regarding this activity, in an attempt to achieve greater legal certainty and establish greater guarantees for motorhomes, promoters and managers of service and parking areas. , municipal services, and for citizens in general; and on the other hand, to promote the economic development of the municipality, especially with the promotion of spaces for public use for motorhomes, as a tourist site and source of wealth.

Thus, the Municipal Ordinance aims to establish a regulatory framework that allows the rational distribution of public spaces and temporary or itinerant parking. within the municipal term as far as possible, in order not to hinder vehicular traffic, preserve its resources and natural spaces, minimize possible environmental impacts, guarantee the safety of people and the proper rotation and distribution fair of public car parks.

Among the aspects included in the ordinance, it is worth highlighting that motorhomes with a maximum authorized weight of more than 3,500 kg will not be allowed on urban roads, except in places specifically authorized for motorhomes.

Caravans may not park on the public roads of the Benalmádena municipal area, outside of specific places for this purpose. For this, the municipality may have Exclusive Parking Areas for motorhomes, which can only be occupied by motorhomes and camper vans and dedicated to itinerant tourism.

This year the first Exclusive Parking Zone for motorhomes was launched in the city, in a space within the La Paloma fairgrounds in Arroyo de la Miel.



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