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Aceb and Accab promote a Christmas campaign of almost 12,000 euros

The Benalmádena Merchants and Entrepreneurs Association (ACEB) and the Benalmádena Open Commercial Center Association (ACCAB) launch the Christmas campaign, which includes three different activities to promote shopping and consumption in the municipality, with the motto set Do your shopping in Benalmádena. We all win. The president of the ACEB, Rosa María González Rubia; the president of ACCAB, Jesús Fortes; the Councilor for Commerce, Javier Marín, and the head of the company Mermelada de Perlas, Estefanía Martín, have presented all the activities of the campaign, which in total it represents an investment of 11,974.73 euros, of which 7,896.09 euros finances the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga, another 1,200 euros the City Council of Benalmádena and others 2,878.64 euros, in which they are valued the different gifts of the raffle Win a Showcase donated by local merchants and businessmen.

On the one hand, the activity titled Feliz Benalvidad will feature the promotion of local establishments on social media by influencers and bloggers with a total of 124,000 followers. The president of ACCAB, Jesús Fortes, thanked “the economic support of the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga to be able to undertake this part of the Christmas campaign” and explained that the Visits to establishments will be made by influencers on December 22 and 29, in the morning and afternoon.

For her part, the company representative Pearl Jam, Estefanía Martín, has detailed that the influencers who will make the visits this year They will be Andrea Zambrano, Mar Copé and Sacryta, and who will publish the photographs on their social networks under the hashtag #FelizBenalvidad. Martín has offered the figures that this same campaign recorded last year in Benalmádena, with an impact of 340,000 people reached and an increase of 200% in the activity of the ACEB and ACCAB social media profiles.

Within the economic collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce for the Christmas campaign, the contest for decorating shop windows and establishments is also included, which will distribute 1,000 euros in prizes. There will be six: three in the Shop Windows category, of 250, 150 and 100 euros for the first, second and third place, respectively, and another three in the Establishments category, also of 250, 150 and 100 euros for the first, second and ranked third, respectively. The president of ACCAB has pointed out that the deadline to register for the contest remains open until December 20 and that, as every year, the contest has a popular vote on social networks that will complement the jury’s assessment and that will also serve to give visibility and promotion to participating establishments. In this sense, Fortes recalled that the photographs of the decorations will be uploaded to the page of ACEB Facebookand that from December 21, 2021 to January 7, 2022, both inclusive, those that the hundred ‘likes’ will automatically have five points to add to the jury’s score.

Draw of 2,878 euros in gifts

For their part, the president of ACEB and the Councilor for Commerce have presented the now traditional Christmas raffle Win a Showcase, which this year has the financial collaboration of the Benalmádena City Council. As every year, the establishments associated with the ACEB have tickets so that customers who make purchases of 20 euros can enter the raffle, the prize being a set of gifts valued at 2,878 euros, with a single winner.

“The establishments associated with the ACEB will have ballots that are being distributed among customers who make purchases greater than 20 euros, and among all the duly completed ballots, a winner will be chosen at random, in January 2022 before a Notary Public”, González has detailed Rubia, who has thanked the Benalmádena City Council for the collaboration and all the establishments that get involved in this initiative each year by donating the gifts for the showcase, which will remain on display at the Los Mundos de Zoe stationery store, located in Benalmádena Pueblo.

For his part, the Councilor for Commerce has highlighted the determined commitment of the Benalmádena City Council to the local commerce model in the face of depersonalization and the overcrowding of large stores, and has influenced the importance of making purchases in the nearby establishments. “We are living in difficult times, but with the collaboration of all, the local commerce will surely be strengthened”, has expressed Javier Marín.

Finally, the representatives of the Benalmadense business group have invited all citizens to participate, to make their purchases in the local trade strong andpublish their profiles on social networks with the hashtag #FelizBenalvidad



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