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ACEB demands improvements in safety and cleanliness for the Arroyo de la Miel Industrial Park

The Association of Merchantsand Entrepreneurs of Benalmádena (ACEB) has requested the City Councilto implement a series of improvements in the Arroyo de la Miel Industrial Park, after having maintained the president of the ACEB, Rosa María González Rubia, a meeting with a representation of businessmen in the area. At this meeting, the businessmen conveyed their complaints and proposals for improving the environment, focusing above all on cleaning and maintenance, parking and road safety.

Entrepreneurs in the area demand adequate maintenance of street cleaning, provision of wastebaskets, benches and urban furniture, and maintenance and care of the garden areas. In this sense, the head of the business community recalled that “the Industrial Park is a pedestrian transit area and a residential area as well” and added that another of the issues raised has been “the elimination of wiring poles that hinder the passage of the pedestrians on the sidewalks and that offer a bad image of the polygon, or “the regulation of the plots that do not have a business exploitation built. Currently many work as dumps, with the consequent bad image and inconvenience that they cause ”.

In the same way, the businessmen request the establishment of an adequate garbage collection plan in the Industrial Estate, since they consider the containers insufficient – since they are always saturated – and there are hardly any containers for selective waste collection. Cleaning and collecting waste is a problem “that businessmen consider endemic in the Industrial Estate,” the president pointed out.

Regarding parking areas, businessmen are demanding loading and unloading areas, and are asking for more parking bags. They also demand the cleaning of existing parking areas, as gravel and stones jump onto the sidewalk and endanger pedestrians.

Regarding road safety, the requests have focused on the need to enable speed reduction systems for the vehicles that circulate through the Industrial Estate. “The businessmen have told us that the speeds reached by some vehicles are especially dangerous at the intersection of Moscatel Street with Pedro Serrano Street, and throughout Concordia Street,” González Rubia pointed out. In addition, they request more pedestrian crossings, those that currently exist are considered insufficient.

Finally, the businessmen demand to know the current status of the project to connect the El Pinillo area with the Arroyo de la Miel Industrial Park.



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