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AFAB receives 14,000 euros for the maintenance of its headquarters

The City Council has subsidized with 14,000 euros to the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias of Benalmádena (AFAB), an economic aid that will be allocated to the maintenance of its headquarters. For his part, the mayor, Víctor Navas, praised the work of this group that, as he explained, “offers daily therapies that help people who are losing the most valuable thing they treasure, their memories, in addition to offering moral support and respite to the families”.

This association has been working for years to achieve the construction of a comprehensive Alzheimer’s care center in Benalmádena, a project that, in the words of the mayor, “needs all administrations and also citizens to make it a reality.” In this sense, Navas has pointed out that the City Council gave a municipal plot of land to house the center, “but it will be difficult to complete it if we all do not contribute what we can”.

From AFABnot only cares for people who suffer from the disease, but also their family members, who in most cases are also their caregivers, so, in the words of the councilor of Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga, “the day center also provides a respite for families, a very important aspect, and hosts workshops on cognitive activity, crafts, memory, reading, calculation …”.

For her part, the president of AFAB, Macricruz Azuaga, lamented that “these have been difficult times for the association, that due to the harsh circumstances of the pandemic, we have been forced to provide service to only half of the patients.” However, Azuaga has pointed out that “we are now recovering normality little by little and we are beginning to admit new patients from the waiting list.”

The members of AFABcarry out different activities and events throughout the year in order to obtain income and give continuity to the work they carry out. In this sense, a few days ago they organized a charity play, and now they have a raffle, which will take place on November 4 and that will allow the participant to obtain, by buying a ticket for only one euro, great prizes, “like some boots and a Isco’s shirt ”, reported Azuaga, who thanked the City Council for its support“ and an economic contribution that has served to give the association a break ”.



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