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Aid to companies affected by the pandemic

The City Council has opened the deadline for the justification of the subsidies of the first call for R-Abre Benalmádena, an extraordinary program of aid to SMEs and the self-employed affected by the confinement that was forced by the first state of alarm motivated by the pandemic. 2.4 million euros have been invested in this project as well as some 600,000 euros for aid to hotels.

In the words of the mayor, Víctor Navas, this investment has been launched to “cover the Benalmadena business fabric, made up of 4,948 companies, and although not all of them were forced to close during the confinement, we did want to convene the R-Open Benalmádena to give those affected the possibility of accessing aid that would help alleviate the consequences of the closure and the economic crisis caused by the pandemic ”.

More than half a thousand requests

The first call for this project received a total of 627 applications, almost 25 percent of the total number of companies in the municipality and approximately 50 percent of those that were forced to close during the first state of alarm, explained Navas, who He recalled that on that occasion 347 companies benefited, with aid ranging from 3,000 to 7,500 euros, depending on the number of workers.

In this sense, the plaintiffs received 50 percent of the amount of the aid at the same time it was granted and now, to receive the remaining half, they must justify that they met the requirements set in that first call.

In the same way, 16 hotels in Benalmádena also benefited in the first call for the hotel plant, with aid that reached up to 11,000 euros depending on the staff hired. According to Navas, “approximately two months ago we opened a second call for aid, to which 255 companies have applied so far. We understand that many are among those who could not participate in the first call for having debts or not meeting some of the requirements”.

Likewise, it emphasizes that “looser bases have been developed with the aim of reaching a greater number of companies.” Navas stressed that the beneficiaries of the first call forR-Abre Benalmádenamust take into account that the justification period is now beginning so that they can receive the remaining 50 percent of the aid granted. In this sense, the Councilor for the Economy and Finance, Manuel Arroyo, stressed that “all the companies and freelancers that received the aid have been notified via email of the documentation they must present to justify the aid, as well as the deadlines they have to do it ”.

In this line, according to municipal sources, the beneficiaries should consult the receipt of delivery of the documentation that they registered to present their request to the first call of R-Abre Benalmádena, since the registered date now marks the beginning of a period of one month to present what the bases required to justify the aid

For his part, Arroyo explained that in the mail sent to the beneficiaries, two files have been included with the memory and the annex that they must present for justification. “They must also attach the updated census status certificates and the work life report,” he added. On the other hand, those who opted for the subsidy with workers must also present the average workforce report.

“After the presentation of these justifications, and the approval of the technicians after their review, the second part of the aid for the first R-Abre Benalmádenawill be paid,” added Arroyo.



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