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All the keys about the new Youth Bonus for rent

The central government has regulated the requirements for young people up to 35 years of age to be eligible for the rental voucher, which also includes the room voucher, and the conditions of this aid.

Beneficiaries must have incomes not exceeding three times the Public Indicator of Income for Multiple Effects (IPREM) and the leased dwelling must be considered habitual and permanent and a maximum income of 600 euros/month, notwithstanding that it may amount to the 900 euros/month in some cases agreed upon in the Monitoring Commission formed by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and the corresponding autonomous community.

In the case of room rentals, these price limits will be up to 300 euros per room, a ceiling that may be raised to 450 euros if so established by the Monitoring Commission.

The aid will be 250 euros per month for two years, an amount that may be supplemented by other aid regulated in the State Housing Plan or additionally established by the autonomous communities. It will also be compatible with the non-contributory benefits of Social Security and the Minimum Vital Income.

The total aid package is made up of 200 million euros and it is expected that up to 70,000 young people can benefit.

Who can request it and how much is the help?

Young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who are Spanish citizens, European citizens (including Switzerland) or from third countries with legal residence in Spain.

What requirements are necessary to request it?

-To access this public bond, the beneficiary or beneficiaries, because they will also be allowed to receive this aid in the event of sharing a flat, must be between 18 and 35 years old and have an employment contract that does not generate more than 24,318 euros per year.

As we said, the beneficiary’s income cannot exceed 24,318 euros per year; in 14 payments this means a salary of 1,737 euros gross per month, in 12 payments of 2,026 euros gross per month.

-The bonus will be applied to each young person and not to each home.

-In relation to the maximum amount of rent, as a rule it will be 600 euros per month, although some autonomous communities may regulate this price up to 900 euros per month.

-In any case, the aid can never exceed the price paid for the rent and it must always be the habitual residence of the applicants.

How and where to request it?

Through the offices of the Department of Housing of the CCAA, in this case, of the Junta de Andalucía, both in person and online. It can be requested now and the aid is retroactive, it is applied from January 1, 2022.

Can it be made compatible with other aids?

In many autonomous communities they already have benefits that are very similar to the youth rental assistance voucher with which they intend to help young people become emancipated.

This aid will only be compatible with others destined for the same purpose to particularly vulnerable beneficiaries (understood as such for these purposes those determined by the Autonomous Communities or Cities).

Vulnerable families can combine it with direct rental aid of up to 40% of its value.

It is also compatible with the non-contributory benefits of Social Security and the Minimum Vital Income. The sum of the Youth Rental Bonus and the aforementioned aid will have a limit of 100% of the rental income.

On the other hand, it is also compatible with the aid of the Youth Assistance Program and to contribute to the demographic challenge of the State Plan for Access to Housing 2022-2025. Although, in this case, the sum of the Youth Rental Voucher and this aid will have a limit of 75% of the rental income.



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