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An ordinance will regulate the uniformity in the commercial aesthetics of Benalmádena

During the ordinary plenary session, held this morning, the initial unanimous approval of theMunicipal Ordinance Regulating Terrazas de Veladores, Exhibitors and Facades of Establishments, the first of these characteristics developed by the Benalmádena City Council, has been carried out.

As recalled by the mayor, Víctor Navas, “it is an ambitious project that we started working on two years ago, trying during this time to unite all the wills of the political forces represented in the Plenary and of the groups of businessmen and merchants, always seeking maximum unanimity in the criteria that should govern this ordinance to reinforce the tourist image of our municipality ”.

The intention of this municipal ordinance is focused on trying to create a brand image for the commercial areas of Benalmádena, eliminating superfluous elements to standardize the commercial aesthetics of the municipality, because, in Navas’s opinion, “it can be a tourist potential for the future”.

The new ordinance could take effect in February 2022. Specifically, the text contemplates a period, starting from the entry into force of the new ordinance, so that entrepreneurs and merchants who already had a license previously have time to adapt their businesses to the new requirements.

Thus, those who already have the license will have, from the implementation of the new ordinance, a period of three years to adapt their furniture, four years for thefaçade, and six years for awnings and enclosures.

On the other hand, New businesses that request occupation of public roads must adapt to the precepts of the new ordinance because, in the words of the Councilor for Public Roads, Encarnación Cortés, “it will already be in force and will be mandatory, and thus they will obtain greater security, since their commercial activity will start fully adapted to the new requirements.”

“After the period of public exposure we have refined the wording of the ordinance so that all aspects are clear and nuanced,” said Cortés, who also explained that “the current aesthetic disorder is not the best image that Benalmádena can offer to tourism. and, therefore, with this ordinance we are going to order and regularize so that furniture, facades and elements of the terraces are harmonious and share the same aesthetics ”.

Less advertising

The Councilor for Public Roads highlighted that the reduction of advertising media will be one of the fundamental aspects of this ordinance. “We will prohibit business furniture from advertising major brands, and only those elements that advertise the business itself will be allowed,” said the mayor.

“We believe that the ordinance provides legal certainty to new businesses and entrepreneurs who want to invest in Benalmádena, since it offers them certainty about what criteria they should follow to set up their businesses, and what their license authorizes them to,” said Cortés.



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