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And with the Three Wise Men, the most magical day of the year arrived in Benalmádena …

This morning the Three Wise Men disembarked at the dock in the port of Benalmádena. They drove in a convertible through the streets of the city, greeting everyone they met, and in the afternoon they welcomed children, and not so children, in static parades. Y eso que esta noche les queda un arduo trabajAnd that tonight they have a hard work left o…

Today, January 5, is a day full of enthusiasm, perhaps the most magical of the year because beyond the kings being kings or being magicians, the important thing is that they are people who know us very well and who love us … whom they care about us.

Sometimes they bring us gifts of those that come in boxes or wrapped in colorful paper and others, they give us reunions with loved ones, the innocent look full of hope of our little ones, opportunities to advance in work or even in life … others They give us smiles, hugs, new loves and unexpected illusions and moments of those that we will remember over the years with longing, because we can say with certainty that there, at that moment, we were happy.

This is how the Three Wise Men of the East are, special people who know well how we are in our most private interior and who, beyond watching if we behave badly or well during the year, help us to reflect on how we can be better people and continue to advance in our lives. And that magical day of the year in which they honor us with their visit, they make us feel like the most special person in the world, because for them we are unique.

And it is that, in this world, which sometimes turns our lives upside down and takes our breath away, a magical day like today gives us that calm so necessary to enjoy the moment … it gives us the push to believe more in ourselves, to love ourselves more if possible and to carry on with courage in the face of adversity.

Today the Three Wise Men bring many gifts to Benalmádena, but among them some that we will not see with our eyes because we will only be able to feel them within ourselves when we find them. To some it will bring strength, to others the much desired health, there will be someone who will be given a friend, they will even bring patience, a lot of patience … or the courage to break with what does not do us good … some will also be put in the I walk new adventures to live intensely as they mature in their lives. There is a special wish for each of us.

Rest assured that the Three Wise Men will bring a gift to all of us. Tomorrow we will develop some of them, but the best are yet to arrive in 2022.  We just have to be attentive and when we discover them, remember that it was the wish for us, -only and exclusively for us-, of some magical characters, who arrived in Benalmádena on January 5 with the intention of making us happy.

Ole Benalmádena wishes you a happy Three Kings Day!



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