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Approved the Strategic Subsidy Plan for 2022 with almost 12 million euros

The municipal government team has initially approved this morning, during the ordinary plenary session in December, the Strategic Subsidy Plan 2022, which adds up to a total amount of 11,924,125.05 euros.

“We have allocated more than 10% of the municipal budget for next year todirect aid to neighbors, associations, groups, the self-employed and companies, with the priority objective of helping to overcome the economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic,” he stated. value the mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas.

Within the Strategic Subsidy Plan 2022, initiatives such as 100,000 euros are contemplated for the aid plan for the promotion of residential rental, 200,000 euros for the Plan of Urban Regeneration, 624,342 € of social assistance forfamily emergency and economic programs, more than 6.5 million euros for direct aid for the payment of the IBI or the garbage fee, or 1,200,000 euros to give continuity to the aid plan for self-employed, plant hoteland micro pymes.

In addition,support for the local associative fabric is reinforced, with direct aid to the Red Cross (87,248 euros), ASÍS (76,442 euros), Cudeca (15,000 euros), ABAD (15,000 euros), AFAB (14,000 euros), AFESOL ( 15,000 euros) or AECC (15,000 euros). Within this Strategic Subsidy Plan, 120,000 euros are also included to support the activity of local sports clubs



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