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Atlético Benamiel adds three points to its locker by beating El Romeral 0-1

On Sunday afternoon, Atlético Benamiel added the three points to their locker by beating El Romeral 0-1. Carlos Gobantes’ men achieve their fourth consecutive victory without conceding any success. A tough match, where the only goal came in the last minute thanks to Stephane’s boots.

Our team faced the first half by creating several dangerous opportunities with a throw-in that Burgos took, hitting the crossbar and a free kick from the front that Casquero took well and ended up hitting the post.

After the initial measures, our team settled in: they were comfortable and had more control of their pulse. The final stretch of the first half was the best of an even match, unpredictable and without excessive clear chances for either team.

After returning from the locker room, the hosts had to put on their overalls to contain an Atlético Benamiel team that is still on a roll. A header from Facu had a clear opportunity to open the scoring, but it was caught by the goalkeeper. Juani also starred in a good play that Juanmita finished over the crossbar and thus added four chances, but despite disabling the rival’s defense well, our team continued to miss the last pass, which did not fit into the goal.

However, Carlos Gobantes’ men had more football to offer in some intense final minutes. In the 89th minute, Juani went down the wing, put it behind, Facu shot and Stephan got in on the rebound, who created a whip with his right leg that went all over the corner and catapulted the enthusiasm of the yellow fans. sentencing the 0-1 with which the match ended.

The new victory this Sunday afternoon keeps the dream of permanence alive. The next match will be against Mijas – with five wins and one draw – who are in the table just above Carlos Gobantes’ team, so a day of good football is predicted.



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