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Awareness campaign for the removal of dog excrement from public roads

The City Council may launch an initiative, included among the proposals chosen by the citizens in the second edition of the Participatory Budgets, focused on an awareness campaign for citizens to collaborate to keep the city cleaner, taking care of the collection of feces deposited by their pets on public roads.

“Although the most important thing is to raise awareness of the importance of civic behavior, we also remember that the City Council has mechanisms to punish those who do not comply with municipal ordinances in this regard,” said the area councilor, Pablo Centella.

Specifically, the campaign will consist of the distribution of flyers and biodegradable plastic bags for the collection of dog feces. “The idea is to urge people to collect their pet’s feces, informing them that they can be identified as offenders through the pet DNAregistry in which it is mandatory to register them,” Centella recalled.

For this campaign the Consistory has opted for communication with media in the streets, billboards in highly visible spaces, such as the Tívoli esplanade, as well as media campaigns, and in online format through the institutional website and a geo-localized campaign through Facebook.



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