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Badminton Benalmádena loses in Pontevedra and continues without knowing the victory

The third day of the regular phase of the Badminton Top10 measured two teams that a priori are called to suffer in Group A of the Honor Division, so both teams came with their best rackets to the match.

Ravachol Pontevedra lined up a team based on securing their three female points, as they did, not without difficulty, but Ania Setién and Giorgina Bland proved that they are one of the best, if not the best, duo in the league. For his part, the Benalmadan coach repeated the line-up, and in the end everything was decided on a men’s doubles, which on paper the Benalmadenans saw as feasible to serve.

In the match proper, Malthe Nielsen and Sofía Macsali defeated Benalmádena in 4 sets in the mixed doubles, against Javier Sánchez and Elena Fernández by 11-7 / 11-9 / 8-11 / 11-9.

The first premise of the script to achieve victory was fulfilled, which was to get the mixed, although, as we have commented previously, the second round of doubles was the key to the match. Georgina Bland and Ania Setién fulfilled their role as favorites and beat Elena Lorenzo and Ainoa Cuervas by 11-8 / 11-3 / 11-8 in three comfortable sleeves. The men’s doubles was a crazier meeting, in which equality reigned until the last round, where the Benalmadenses Manuel Vázquez and José Molares, who had just won with authority in the Estella Master, yielded almost without opposition to the offensive of Javier Sánchez and Manuel Brea (11-8 / 7-11 / 11-9 / 11-1), who were aware of the meaning of victory.

With this score, there was only three points left in the individual round to be able to win the match, but despite putting the Galicians in many difficulties, they were finally the ones who took the lead. In the singles round # 2, Malthe Nielsen beat Gabriel Fernández 11-7 / 11-6 / 11-5 in a superb match. More even was the female, where the British Georgina Bland demonstrated her status as the best outsider in the league, defeating Sofía Macsali by 11-8 / 11-7 / 11-9. The match ended with the singles No. 1, where the Galicians lined up British signing Benjamin Muir for the first time, who could do little against Manuel Vázquez, who retaliated for the doubles with a victory that kept the hopes of the people from Malaga alive (11-7 / 11-5 / 11-7). At the same time, and much more even, was the women’s match where the young jewel from San Sebastian of the Galician team Ania Setién beat Elena Lorenzo in four sets 10-11 / 11-5 / 11-6 / 11-8.

Hard end for the people of Malaga who thought to return with the first victory, but which once again shows how close this competition is. In the other group match, Recreativo IES La Orden beat current champion Oviedo 5-2. In Group B, CB Alicante beat Granada-Grupo Torres 5-2, while San Fernando de Valencia beat UD Ibiza to remain the leader of the group.

Coach Lucas Quirós, analyzes the defeat

“Another game that escapes us, and it is tiresome to say that it could have fallen from either side. The only positive thing is that I am sure that with this equality we will add more than one victory and we will fight until the end. Very happy especially with Malthe and surprised by how we missed the men’s doubles, which we all knew could be the key to the match. ” And it is that “we knew the female potential of the Galician team, and despite this, the girls have forced their rivals, but we could not ask them to win, but yes, as they have done: fight”

For his part, Malthe Nielsen commented “a very bitter taste with this final, it came with the premise of getting my two points to help the team, and despite achieving it, the defeat was hard. They had commented to me the level of the competition and the level of it, but I am surprised by it ”.

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