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Benalmádena achieves bronze in the Andalusian Women’s First Division Hockey Championship

The third position of the Women’s First Division Andalusian Championship was won by CHP Benalmádena, who took the bronze by winning the shoot outagainst Carataunas Ilusiona, after finishing regulation time tied at one. The Costa del Sol lost the semifinals against La Candelaria and took third place against the Granada team, who were returning to the competition after many years of hiatus in indoor hockey, according to information from the Andalusian federation.

Candelaria Carranque won the final of the Championship of Andalusia of the Women’s First Division against CH Alcalá, in a match that ended with the result of four to two and that always was on the scoreboard for the malagueñas, highlighting the performance of Cayetana Aluz with a hat-trick that would give her in the end the gold and be the top scorer in the competition.

According to the federation, Paco Cano’s girls have had a very complete championship, they have only given up a draw, precisely against Alcala in the first match of the group stage. For its part, José Frailes’ team had ups and downs throughout the two days of competition, as they struggled to win the semifinal and ended up losing the final at home.

CH San Fernando was in fifth position, after winning the two group C matches, against CH Huercal Viator by three to nil and against CD Sadus, by two goals to nil.

The MVP trophy of the competition went to Paloma Moriana from Carataunas Ilusiona, the top scorer was Cayetana Aluz with six goals and the best goalkeeper was Lucía Sánchez from CHP Benalmádena. The award ceremony was presided over by the mayor of Alcalá la Real, Marino Aguilera.

After the Andalusian tournament, the teams prepare for the semifinals of the Spanish Championship, which will be played from February 4 to 6. Semifinal 1 will be played in Alcalá la Real and the Andalusian teams that will play it will be CH Alcalá, as organizer, and Candelaria Hércules, as Andalusian champion. Semifinal 2 will be held in Cantabrian lands and willtravel to Santander in CHP Benalmádena and CH San Fernando.



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