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Benalmádena advances in the commitment to its sustainable development and promotes the Urban Agenda 2030

The technical work for the drafting of the Benalmádena 2030 Urban Agenda is already underway, a task that will allow facing new challenges for the sustainable development of the city, in accordance with the Objectives and Lines of Action proposed by the Spanish Urban Agenda (AUE) with a view to 2030.

The AUE is a strategic document, without normative character, and therefore of voluntary adherence, which, in accordance with the criteria established by the Agenda 2030, the new Urban Agenda of the United Nations and the Urban Agenda for European Union, pursues the achievement of sustainability in urban development policies. Furthermore, it constitutes a working method and a process for all actors, -whether public or private-, who intervene in cities and who seek equitable, fair and sustainable development from their different fields of action.

In this way, this integrated urban development strategy offers a Decalogue of Strategic Objectives that deploy, in turn, a total of 30 specific objectives, and 291 lines of action, making them available to those interested in their implementation, such as the Benalmádena City Council, a true carte menu so they can develop their own action plans. All this, according to the institutional information of the central government, “from a broad vision that includes all towns and cities regardless of their size and population, and under the triple prism of economic, social and environmental sustainability”.

Ultimately, it is a tool that has two main missions: to effectively take advantage of the possibilities that cities offer to the progress and well-being of society, and to prepare municipalities to cope with solvency in a context conditioned by the complexity of certain challenges, such as climate change, mobility, social and territorial inequality, access to housing, economic and financial crises, disaffection, pressure on natural resources, among others.

From the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, all interested municipalities have been invited to propose their own sustainable development strategies following a work methodology in which the participatory approach prevails on the part of the associative fabric and the citizens.

In general, urban agendas will also be planning instruments of great interest so that cities can access financing for European Funds that foresee both Next Generation EU (pandemic recovery funds Covid) as the future call for integrated sustainable urban development projects included in the Program of Funds 2021-2027; the possible continuity of EdusiBenalmádena La Costa es Salud, which, until the end of 2023, plans an investment of 12.5 million euros, according to municipal sources.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 29, the plenary hall hosted an initial presentation ceremony, which has constituted the starting signal for a design work that will be extended over the next few months, and for which, according to municipal sources, “it is expected to have the advice of a specialized consulting firm that applies the methodology proposed for the Ministry.”

The event, chaired by the mayor, Víctor Navas, brought together the delegations and municipal areas related to the work areas suggested by the Spanish Urban Agendathat are none other than Urban Planning, Environment, Operational Services, Beaches, Public Roads, Training and Employment, Housing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Security, Mobility, Transport, Information Technology and New Technologies and Citizen Participation.

It should be remembered that last August the Benalmádena Tree Management Plan, a document that was announced by the City Council as part of the Urban Agenda 2030, and that, according to the mayor, Víctor Navas, “has allowed us to inventory the total number of species and specimens that we have in the city, its state and its location, yielding about 22,000 units in the municipal term ”. Among the most positive data that this study showed, it stands out that “Benalmádena has more tree coverage -shadow areas- in proportion, than cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Córdoba or London”.



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