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Benalmádena and the Armenian city of Echmaitsin, united in brotherhood

Benalmádena and the Armenian city of Echmaitsin will be twinned. This was approved today, unanimously, by the municipal corporation in plenary session.

As explained by the Deputy Mayor, Javier Marín, the City Council of Benalmádena has the will to establish synergies with other parts of the world from which ties can be established with our municipality to generate wealth of different kinds for this town, and from this will arises the opportunity to collaborate culturally, educationally and scientifically with the Armenian city of Echmiatsin.

And, in the words of the councilor, “there are important bonds of friendship between the residents of both cities that have laid the foundations for cooperation between organizations and citizens, and will contribute to the realization of joint projects”.

This twinning will be reflected in the coordination and confirmation of particular collaboration projects each year. For this, an exchange of the best practices of successful projects will be carried out between both populations and the local self-government bodies. In addition, they will support and develop mutually beneficial business relationships.

The agreement approved in plenary session contemplates the signing of a collaboration agreement between both parties for the realization of commercial, tourist, economic, sports relations, etc., that generate mutual benefits between Echmiatsin and Benalmádena.

Although today it is common to know about town twinning in all parts of the world, this practice was born in Europe after the World War II and the purpose was none other than to promote links between the different European cities and thus promote good relations between them. In addition, the International Sister Cities movement created in 1956 by the president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower  at a conference on citizen diplomacy that took place in the White House.

It should be remembered that Benalmádena already has several sister cities under its belt. In fact, for example, it was twinned with Brussels , in the nineties, through its symbols: the Girl from Benalmádena and  the Manneken Pis from Belgium. Thus, in the Belgian capital you can see a  replica  of La Niña de Benalmádena, also the work of Pimentel, and Benalmádena has one of the seven official replicas in the world of the Manneken Pis statuette gifted by the Brussels City Hall.

In 2005, the city also twinned with Finale Lugure, a municipality of Savona on the Italian Riviera and the birthplace of Arroyo de la Miel founder Félix Solecio.

The first Armenian apostolic church on the Costa del Sol, in Benalmádena

The church located in the Solymar area, which is currently in a state of abandonment, was acquired by the Armenian community with the intention of investing in its improvement and reform, and making it the first Armenian apostolic church in the city. This was announced a few days ago by the mayor, Víctor Navas, after holding a meeting with the Armenian ambassador to Spain, Vladimir Karmirshalyan, a meeting in which the Armenian consul in Malaga also participated.

Navas, after this meeting, recalled that the close relationship between Benalmádena and the Armenian community started a few years ago, when he settled in La Paloma park a  Jachkar cross on stone that is the Armenian national symbol, handcrafted in this country.



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