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Benalmádena firefighters participate in the XVI Toledo Height Rescue Conference

The Benalmádena Firefighters have participated in the XVI Toledo Height Rescue Conference, which was held this weekend. These days are developed according to a series of tests in which, using GPS coordinates, the participants must locate the victims and proceed to their rescue.

According to information from the Toledo City Council, -in charge of promoting this activity together with the firefighters-, the firefighters participating in the meeting, from 18 parks in different parts of Spain, they received a first practical session that included presentations by the renowned mountaineer Alex Txikon; by Sito Carcavilla, senior scientist at the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain, and a talk given by one of the search companies specialized in large mountain areas that uses for this work a system under development to locate people buried in snow.

On Saturday the maneuvers began, which took place in the morning in the surroundings of the hermitage of the Virgen de la Cabeza, the senda ecológica and the paseo del Tránsito Toledo, and in the afternoon, on the Paseo del Miradero, urban rescue practices were carried out. On Sunday, the 7th, the practices consisted of locating victims in different parts of Toledo using GPS coordinates and their subsequent rescue.

These days in which 70 troops from different parts of the national geography have participated, in previous editions they have had an international character but, as explained by the Toledo Department of Citizen Security, this year they have been limited to the national scope due to circumstances of the covid-19.

However, in this edition “they have had the greatest experts in this specialty of rescue at height framed in the training program of the municipal prevention, fire extinguishing and rescue service”.



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