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Benalmádena has around thirty sports schools with about 4,000 students

The Councilor for Sports, Joaquín Villazón, has presented the sports activities program for the winter at the Benalmádena Pueblo sports center. The mayor said that this season “we hope to recover the normality lost in the previous two, always maintaining all the health security measures that the circumstances require”.

At present, in the city there are about thirty sports schools with about 4,000 students enrolled in an activity, which in most cases is organized by the clubs themselves which, in Villazón’s words, “are the most appropriate because they have specialized technicians in each sport and because later they will continue working with the athletes who federate ”.

Likewise, the sports leagues, futsal and football 7 will also be resumed, which between them add about 900 participants, a figure similar to the one before the pandemic. “With this important commitment to sports schools we deepen the sum of sports and health, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the fight against childhood obesity,” Villazón concluded.

For his part, the sports activities technician, Andrés Luengo, stressed that this season the various sports schools have almost 4,000 registered students. “We have almost  all sports modalities, with highly qualified monitors, and we are planning new facilities so that in the  future all interested people can continue to start in the sports that interest them,” explained Luengo.



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