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Benalmádena is dyed pink and breastfeeds for the most vulnerable

At the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO), on  October 19 the international day of the fight against the disease is celebrated worldwide. breast cancer with the objective of creating awareness and promoting that  more and more women have access to controls, diagnoses and  treatments immediate and effective. And the fact is that early detection in order to improve the prognosis and survival  of the cases of breast cancer continues to be the cornerstone of the fight   against this cancer.

In Spain, approximately 30 percent of cancers diagnosed in women originate in the breast. Breast cancer is already the most diagnosed tumor in the world, in fact it has surpassed lung cancer for the first time, according to data published in 2021 by the Cancer Research Center (IARC).

Benalmádena is a city of solidarity and there are various initiatives launched to champion this cause. Thus, the Benalmádena Polideportivo Hockey Club has developed solidarity activities throughout the week on the occasion of the International Day to Fight Breast Cancer, an initiative that culminates this weekend with several club teams wearing pink socks in their respective league matches. This visibility action is in addition to the collection that will be made by the Benalmádena Polideportivo Hockey Club in collaboration with the Cudeca Foundation, which offers specialized care to people with cancer and other advanced diseases, as well as support to family members.

Presentation of the solidarity week of the Benalmádena Polideportivo Hockey Club.

The cabins of the Benalmádena Cable Car will also wear pink to give visibility to a disease of which 34,000 new cases are diagnosed in women in Spain each year. The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) in Malaga and the Benalmádena Cable Car have signed a collaboration agreement to celebrate a Day Against Breast Cancer on Monday, October 18. In this way, the booths will be open to the public free of charge and, in addition, each one of them will be dyed pink to draw attention to a disease that is the leading cause of carcinogenic mortality among Spanish women.

The public that wishes can, throughout the day, ascend the mountain for free Calamorro, where there will be volunteering from the AECC offering testimonies related to this disease, which is the most frequent tumor in Western women, and which this year emphasizes the vulnerability of women to this disease.

For this reason, brochures and informative material about the work of the AECCwill be delivered during the day on Monday. The exhibitions of birds of prey that the Fundación Valle de las Águilas regularly organizes in the Benalmádena Cable Car will also be free on that day.

On Monday it will be free and the company will make a cash donation to the AECC.

Likewise, this company will also make a cash donation to the AECC, money that will be used for research into the disease, as well as for programs and services that it provides to its associates.

On the other hand, Benalmádena also hosts the Recycle glass for them campaign, promoted by Ecovidrioand which is coming to the city for the third consecutive year.

“With this campaign we seek to make visible the great problem posed by breast cancer, through an environmental aspect such as the collection of glass, providing economic resources that contribute to help fight this disease,” explained the Councilor for the Environment, Joaquín Villazón.

The containers will be located during this month in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Benalmádena Pueblo, Calle Blas Infante in Arroyo de la Miel and next to the supermarket at the entrance of Puerto Marina in Benalmádena Costa. According to the company behind the project, this campaign is being developed for the fifth consecutive year and in this edition, it is active in more than 170 cities throughout Spain, with more than 500 pink containers, symbolizing the fight against breast cancer.

In addition, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has designed a mini glass recycling igloo that can be purchased on the website, and whose benefits will go to caring for the environment and women, through collaboration with the Sandra Ibarra Foundation.

All the glass that is recycled will become a donation for the Sandra Ibarra Foundation.

Likewise, all the glass that is recycled in these pink containers, which will be installed in the city over the next few weeks, will be converted by Ecovidrio into a donation for said foundation.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that Arroyo de la Miel Public Library has been collaborating for years with Cudeca through the celebration of both mercadillo solidario, in which all the proceeds go to the work that this entity develops both with cancer patients and their families, as well as with the sale of books from donations at the entrance to the library. In Benalmádena, Cudeca it has several charity shops where, in addition to various clothing and accessories, you can also buy furniture and household items. You can collaborate both by donating what we already use at home and buying what we need.



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