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Benalmádena is one of the five cities in Malaga that generated the most employment in October

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, today highlighted the good employment figures collected in Benalmádena last October. “As reflected in the data of the INE and Social Security, Benalmádena presented last month the best employment data of the last decade“, has put in value. Thus, “the data elevate Benalmádena as one of the five cities in the province of Málaga that generates the most employment,” according to the first mayor.

This year 2021, the percentage of unemployed in Benalmádena rises to 17.35%, representing a total of 5,825 benalmadenses, with the population group with the highest incidence of unemployment being those over 45 years of age, who add up to a total of 3,176 people unemployed.

“But since 2007 we did not have an employment figure as positive as that of last October, when the percentage of unemployed was 17.76%: now the figure is slightly lower, which means that Benalmádena presents the economic strength and business that only hoard cities that generate jobs and wealth “, has valued the mayor.

In the opinion of the mayor, “this is the consequence of several aspects: the strength of our business fabric, which has endured the harsh challenge of the current economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic; the AIDS launched by the State, through ERTEs and ICO loans, which have allowed to keep the workforce during the hardest months; and the aid provided by this City Council, such as the Plan R-Abre Benalmádena of aid to the self-employed and SMEs or the aid plan for the hotel plant ”.

These figures, according to Navas, “guarantee the power of our productive fabric”, a situation that was reinforced last October, when the British Government lifted the restrictions to travel to Spain from the United Kingdom, recovering British tourism its prominence on the Costa del Sol, occupying most of the hotel reservations and allowing hotels to stay open longer.

However, Navas has warned that “we have to remain prudent: the appearance of a new strain keeps uncertainty on the horizon about the evolution of the pandemic, which forces us to be cautious and cautious because in the coming months they could return The restrictions”.



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