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Benalmádena is presented at Fitur 2022 as a great destination for getaway tourism

The International Tourism Fair (Fitur) is held from today January 19 to 23 in Madrid. In this edition, due to the existing uncertainty about distant destinations, the participating cities have an unbeatable occasion to consolidate interior trips, and Benalmádena has taken the opportunity to show in this great showcase its potential and all its strengths as a preferred destination during the 12 months of the year for getaway and experience tourism.

Not in vain, Benalmádena can boast of beaches, mountain, nature in its purest state with an ideal mountain range for hiking trails and active tourism, the more than 200,000 square meters of green areas of the La Paloma Parkor the Jardines del Muro viewpoint, at the top of Benalmádena Pueblo, which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the municipality.

Noted for its mixture of cultures not only in the coexistence of its neighbors -Benalmádena brings together 142 nationalities, from Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, to the USA, the United Kingdom or China-, but in buildings as unique as the Stupa of Enlightenment, the largest Buddhist temple in the West, or in its archaeological sites, witnesses of the imprint of its history.

Benalmádena also surprises visitors with its castles, such as El Bil Bil on the coast or the one in Colomares, dedicated to Christopher Columbus and whose architectural mix leaves no one indifferent.

Undoubtedly, is a preferred option for family leisure due to the variety of theme parks and cultural, leisure and sports activities offered throughout throughout the year, and, among this extensive agenda of alternatives, you can enjoy its varied and excellent gastronomy, with renowned restaurants and chefs whose reputation goes beyond the limits of our province.

The Mayor and Councilor for Tourism of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, presented today at the Costa del Sol Tourism and Promotion stand this new tourism promotion strategy for Benalmádena, which is already being advertised on a new municipal website.

As explained by the first mayor, “the new strategy issegmented into four new tourism stamps, to design campaigns aimed at specific markets: nature, gastronomy, leisure and sports“. 

With these new tourist stamps, in the words of Navas, “we will promote Benalmádena as an attractive destination all year round, beyond the season of sun and beach, ideal for enjoying getaways, due to our good climate and excellent connection due to our central position in the Sunshine Coast”.

Through these four tourist stamps, determined after a previous study of those aspects of the tourist offer that most interest visitors, “we made a new advance in breaking seasonality”, the mayor has highlighted.

Navas also pointed out that “we are now developing the largest investment in the coastline in recent decades, a process called to enhance all our attractions as a tourist destination.”



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