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Benalmádena is ranked 21st out of the 100 destinations with the most tourist weight in Spain

Benalmadena enjoys excellent tourist health. After leading and/or being among the most demanded destinations in the province of Malaga so far this year, the tourism alliance Exceltur also includes it in rank 21 from his Municipal Atlas of the Social Contribution of Tourism in Spain, being one of the eight municipalities in Malaga that stand out among the 100 most profitable in the country.

The data of this ranking of the 100 tourist destinations with the most tourist relevance in Spain are relative to 2022 and reflect that last year Benalmádena had 36,489 tourist beds, most of them (41.9%) being homes for tourist use, 39.9% of hotel beds and 18.2% of campsites, rural accommodation and key apartments. This offer, according to Exceltur, generated 4,756 jobs.

In reference to the most profitable Andalusian destinations, the report places Benalmádena in fifth place. It is surpassed by Marbella, which leads the ranking, Seville, Malaga and Torremolinos. In each autonomous community, Exceltur exclusively presents the information of the municipalities included among the 500 with the most tourist market places in the Spanish geography.

The Municipal Tourist Atlas of Spain is a project promoted with an open nature, which, according to Exceltur, was born with the vocation of gradually incorporating information and analysis on relevant aspects to be able to approximate, every day better, the incidence of tourism at a local level in Spain. .



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