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Benalmádena joins the celebration of the World Day without alcohol

The City Council joins the celebration tomorrow, Monday, November 15, of the World Day Without Alcohol.

According to the Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga, “we consider this type of action essential: to inform and sensitize the population about the problems posed by addictions – in general – and alcoholism in particular, as one of the most widespread in our society”.

The City Council has maintained last week a coordination meeting between the Alcoholics Anonymous Association of Benalmádena with the team of Community Social Services professionals, in order to continue to maintain open lines of collaboration that can benefit individuals and families who suffer from this problem, according to the councilor.

World No Alcohol Day is celebrated every year on November 15. This date was proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to make the public reflect and raise awareness about the problems that alcohol represents for humans.

According to the WHO Report, each year there are around3 million deaths in the world as a result of the harmful consumption of alcohol, which represents 1 in every 20 deaths. The mayor highlighted that too many people, families and communities suffer the consequences of harmful alcohol consumption: violence, mental health problems, diseases such as cancer or strokes, all without forgetting the dangerous alcohol-driving binomial.

“Because of how integrated it is in our society and culture, it is difficult for us to assume that it is a drug and, as such, produces addiction: however, it is the most consumed drug in our country and the one that produces the most problems of all kinds. ”Laddaga has warned.

In Spain, alcohol consumption usually begins around the age of 14, being very present today in free time and in the social relationships of young people.

According to the Survey on drug use in secondary education in Spain (Estudes, 2018/2019) of the Spanish Observatory on Drugs and Addictions, 77.9% of adolescents aged 14-18 had consumed alcohol at some time in their life . In 2018, 346,600 students between the ages of 14 and 18 started drinking alcohol in Spain.

Regarding the intensive consumption of alcohol, the Report indicates that almost half of the students have gotten drunk in the last year, 46.5% of the girls and 42.3% of the boys.

Alcohol consumption by adolescents produces serious effects on their physical, mental and social health as their development has not been completed, thus increasing the probability of being dependent on alcohol in adulthood.

The adolescent brain is especially vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. The lack of psychological maturity, typical of adolescence, makes it difficult to manage many sensations and effects that alcohol consumption produces. It reduces attention, capacity and reaction time and makes decision-making difficult.

In addition, it can produce violent attitudes, aggressions, alterations in family relationships, with friends and facilitate Risk Behaviors such as the use of vehicles, unsafe sexual relations, among others.

“For this reason, from the Delegation of Social Services, and through the Municipal Prevention Program for Drug Addiction, Benalmádena promotes the carrying out of activities with young people and families, offering adequate information and sensitizing the general public to the numerous and varied problems personal, family and social that generate addictions ”, concluded Laddaga.

From Ole Benalmádena, we would like to thank Alba Jiménez de la Torre for allowing us to use her photograph, winner of the Villanueva del Arzobispo Addiction contest



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