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Benalmádena joins the challenge of ‘Climate neutral cities in 2030’

In the ordinary plenary session in November, the government team approved, with the support of the PP and the votes against by Cs and VOX, a motion for Benalmádena to adhere to the manifesto ‘Climate-neutral cities in 2030’.

“In the proposal of the UNto achieve climate sustainable cities the UN has marked a series of steps: sustainable building and planning, improving green spaces, promoting non-motorized mobility and public transport, energy saving measures, and efficient use of water ”, has detailed the Councilor for Citizen Participation, Pablo Centella.

Through the approval of this motion, the The City Council is committed to a series of agreements, such as approving goals and objectives and designing a roadmap to achieve the decarbonization and ecological transition of the city; speed up the implementation of European Mission of Cities and communicate the social value of urban transformation processes; achieve climate neutrality by 2030 in at least a district or area of ​​special interest; o reduce the city’s emissions by 2030 in support of Spain’s commitment to the European Commission.



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