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Benalmádena lives one of the most even matches in the Top-10 that was resolved with the defeat against Club Badminton Arjonilla

The 6th day of the regular phase of the Badminton Top10 was unfair to Badmintona,
, a young squad that put the powerful Arjonilla on the ropes, a
very solid team that leaves its visit to Benalmádena with its sights set on the fight
for the title.

The meeting, to which both teams arrived with all their available players, was
one of those meetings that remain to remember: quality, equality and above all
tension until the last moment.

As usual, the match began with a mixed doubles that fell in three sets
on the local side, thanks to the Danish Malthe Nielsen and the Norwegian Sofía Macsali, who bowed
the also Danish Anne Fulgsan and Juan B. Villalta by 11-10 / 11-10 / 11-5.

Next, the men’s and women’s doubles jumped onto the track, where the people from Jaén
They put their best tricks that ultimately gave them victory. Benalmadena for its part
was forced to reserve Manuel Vázquez, who with inconvenience would only dispute the
male single. Joan Monroy and Ernesto Baschwitz beat Rafael Gálvez and José
Molars in 4 sets for 5-11 / 8-11 / 11-9 / 9 -11, while Anne Fulgsan and the
Scottish Toni Wood beat Ainoa Cuervas and Elena Lorenzo 7-11 / 4-11 / 6-11.
Result that could be said was predictable and left everything open for the individual,
where the equality was maximum.

In number 2 Manuel Vázquez put the tables by beating Joan Monroy 11-8 / 7-11 /
11-6 / 11-6, while Elena Lorenzo in a constant I want and I can’t, gave in to
Manuel Díaz for 5-11 / 8-11 / 11-9 / 9-11.

Overall score of 2-3, and the last round of singles no1, with a tension that
felt in the environment. Sofía Macsali, in a tough match, put the 3-3 on the scoreboard
overall after beating Toni Wood 11-7 / 7-11 / 11-6 / 11-6, leaving everything for the
male, where Malthe Nielsen equaled two sets after losing the first two, with a
public overturned with his pupil. But with a 7-5 in his favor, 3 errors with a lack of luck
included, put Ernesto Baschwitz ahead, an advantage that he knew how to carry to the end to
end up scoring the match (9-11 / 9-11 / 11-8 / 11-9 / 8-11) and give the final victory to the people from Jaén by 4-3.


Coach Lucas Quirós stated that it was “a very bitter defeat because of how close they
been the 3 points, but with their heads held high for how the players have fought against the 2nd
classified. It’s time to keep gritting your teeth for the next few days that remain
For his part, Rafael Gálvez, captain of Benalmádena, commented that the result is “a pity, in the end it was decided by small details. There is still a lot of league left, we can beat any team if we continue with today’s attitude”.

With this result, Benalmádena remains 4th in the absence of Ravachol vs IES La Orden, 3 points behind CB Oviedo. Next weekend, visit the court of the leader IES La Orden.



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