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Benalmádena obtains the ‘Green Igloo’ for recycling in summer almost 30% more than in 2020

The Benalmádena City Council has received the Green Igloo award from Ecovidrio, the non-profit organization in charge of managing the recycling of glass container waste in Spain. This award recognizes the municipalities, participants in the Green Flags movement, which have increased the selective collection of glass containers during the summer months and have overcome the challenge set by the entity.

The Benalmádena City Council managed to selectively collect a total of 366 tons of glass containers, 29% more than in 2020. These results would not have been possible without the collaboration of 159 catering establishments, to which 21 buckets adapted to their needs have been delivered, a sector that generates 52% of single-use glass containers.

With the aim of increasing collection volumes at a critical time for consumption, Ecovidrio has developed an intensive campaign to support the local hospitality professionals by fitting out containers adapted for the hospitality industry and buckets that facilitate the transport of waste. of glass containers. 

The Benalmádena City Council has received the Green Igloo award in an event that has had the participation of the Councilor for the Environment, Joaquín Villazón; the RSU councilor, Juan Carrillo; and Jesús Gutiérrez, zone manager of Ecovidrio.

Green flags, a strategic bet of Ecovidrio

The Green Flags Movement is one of Ecovidrio’s most recognizable initiatives to support the hospitality sector and move towards a more sustainable and resource-friendly offer. This summer, the entity has carried out more than 15,000 information and awareness visits to the hotel establishments of the participating towns. Knowing their recycling habits, monitoring the filling volumes of the surrounding areas, installing more than 500 containers at the disposal of the hotel industry, as well as facilitating the transport of glass container waste with adapted bins are some of the operational actions on the ground. .

TheGreen Flags Movement has had theparticipation of 127 coastal towns in five autonomous communities, as well as more than 13,200 bars, beach bars and restaurants. A total of 31,045 tons of glass container waste have been collected in the participating towns, which is 21% more than last summer.

The Green Flags campaign aims to reward the efforts of hotel establishments during the summer, a time when the selective collection of glass increases thanks to tourism and greater consumption. The initiative has assessed through a scoring system the efforts of the local hospitality industry and the activism of coastal municipalities for the sustainability and recycling of glass containers during the summer.



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