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Benalmádena offers bridge housing to victims of gender violence and the homeless

The City Council has launched, in collaboration with Asís, a proyect of bridge housing that will last for one year, and that will offer support to people and families who are victims of evictions, indigents or victims of gender violence, who require a home to stay temporarily while a satisfactory answer is found to cover their needs.

As explained by the mayor, Víctor Navas, “until now we have channeled this type of aid through collaboration with hotels, but people lacked the corresponding and necessary protection, an essential aspect for people who are in a vulnerable situation. Social”.

In the opinion of Navas, this agreement not only responds to the urgent need for housing for homeless people, “but also allows them to empower them to seek a permanent and satisfactory solution to their situation of social vulnerability”. At the same time, he has advanced that the final approval of the call for the capture of a housing stock for social rent is pending.

“Everything is part of a transversal strategy to try to respond to one of the most pressing needs of the Benalmadense citizens: access to a home, both for people at risk of social exclusion and for young people and middle-class families who find serious difficulties in accessing a home in decent conditions ”, Navas concluded.

This program will offer an accommodation system aimed at allowing the person to normalize their life and have two houses, which will be semi-supervised by professionals, and for their start-up from Social Welfare a subsidy has been granted to the Fundación Asís, that will be the group responsible for carrying out the project.

This initiative is not only aimed at homeless people, but also those in a situation of residential exclusion for social or personal reasons, and also to victims of gender violence, for which of the eight places available in these bridge dwellings, two will always be allocated to women, and the stay in the resort will be temporary, establishing a maximum period of stay of 12 months.

The Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga, explained that the guardianship will not only be directed towards offering housing, but also helping them so that, in the course of a year, they will be able to obtain the tools to be able to leave for themselves. this situation.

For this, workshops, specific training will be organized, they will be helped to qualify for certain regional and state grants, in addition to having the help of psychologists.

For her part, the social worker of the Fundación Asís, Cynthia Grajalha, has stated that this program is aimed at people in Benalmádena who are in a situation of socio-residential exclusion: families who have been evicted or who are economically asphyxiated and cannot pay their rent, a problem that has been seen increased by the crisis caused by the pandemic.

“We want to be a support so that these people can get out of this situation, in such a way that we will approach a very personalized intervention for each family., in a semi-supervised way, which implies that there will not be an educator living in each house or floor-bridge, but will have the support of a team of professionals, made up of psychologists and job counselors, in coordination with Social Services, to to help them in their social and labor insertion so that these families can come out of this situation autonomously, ”explained Grajal, who thanked the owners for their social commitment who have lent the houses for this bridge housing program.



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