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Benalmádena promotes the second call for aid to promote long-term rentals

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for General Administration, Sergio Torralvo, offered a press conference this morning to report on thesecond call for aid to promote long-term residential rentals.

These grants are awarded to those owners who allocate homes for long-term residential rental and, according to the mayor, “we would have liked to have had a greater number of beneficiaries: this shows that we may still not have a sufficient supply of long-term rental housing to meet the high demand.”

According to Navas, “this circumstance occurs in Benalmádena due to its nature as a tourist municipality, where the majority of owners of second homes use it for tourist rental”.

This tourist pressure makes it extremely difficult for young people and families with modest incomes to access housing, “and that is the reason why we have launched these grants to encourage residential rentals as opposed to tourist rentals”, he underlined.

“Regarding this second call, we have registered a total of 31 applications, of which 29 have been beneficiaries of grants and two have been excluded for not meeting the requirements established in the bases,” explained the councilor.

To date, the aid has already been paid to the 29 beneficiaries, with amounts of 300, 400 or 650 euros, based on the income and the number of rooms that each home for residential rental has.

In the next two months, the beneficiaries must justify said subsidy.

Rent price increase

These days a report was made public revealing that the rental price in Benalmádena has experienced a rise of 10.7% during the last year,a fact that, according to the mayor, “reveals the need to implement active housing policies that allow citizens to access a property at an affordable price”.

In order to encourage the rental of long-term residences, in addition to the call for aid of this nature, the City Council has also eliminated the Arecri subsidies in those homes for tourist purposes.

“If we add to these aids the maintenance of the Arecri subsidy, we from the City Council contribute to making it more interesting for a second home owner to dedicate it to long-term residential rental than to tourism”, Navas has valued.

social rental

On the other hand, he announced that after the final approval of the municipal budget for 2022 in the plenary session held tomorrow, “we are going to launch a bag to attract housing for social rental, as well as another to attract private land for the future construction of new public housing”.

“To all these initiatives to facilitate access to decent housing, we must add others already underway, such as the Arecri subsidies for the payment of the IBI, or the bridging housing programme”, Navas stressed.

“If all the administrations are capable of working together, we will be able to facilitate access to decent housing and thus allow equal opportunities in a municipality with as much tourist pressure as Benalmádena”, he concluded.

This is aid for natural persons registered in the municipality who have a property dedicated to residential rental: “with this subsidy we try, as far as possible, to alleviate the problem of access to housing at a reasonable price in the municipality” , Torralvo has recalled.



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