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Benalmádena will allocate empty private homes to social rent

The plenary session held this morning has definitively given the green light to the regulatory bases of the transitory program for the acquisition of private, non-inhabited dwellings, destined for social rent in Benalmádena. The initiative has had the favorable vote of the Government team (PSOE and IU), PP and Cs, and the vote against Vox.

The first mayor, Víctor Navas stressed that it is an “ambitious and pioneering project”, and that “few municipalities are working in this line.”

Navas explained that “Benalmádena has enormous tourist pressure, which causes housing prices to skyrocket, preventing many families and young people from having the facilities to access decent housing.”

Thus, he insisted that, “while we manage to launch a public offer for the acquisition of land to promote the construction of new social housing, we have the obligation to promote measures and policies that contribute to facilitating access to decent housing to people with fewer resources ”.

Within this line of policies for access to housing, initiatives such as the program to promote residential rental versus tourism, the distribution of economic-family and emergency aid from Social Services for the payment of rent, and the launch of this new housing acquisition program, listed the first mayor.

The implementation of the program approved in plenary session will facilitate the creation of a rental housing stock, which will be made available to citizens with difficulties in accessing a decent home, with all the guarantees to the owner that the City Council can offer.

In this way, the homeowners who join this program and give them up for social rent, the City Council will pay the rents at a price of 7 euros per square meter. According to municipal sources, it is estimated that the opening of the periodfor owners interested in participating to present their applications will take place next fall.

Likewise, theCity Council will commit to each owner to pay the monthly income for a period of five years, “guaranteeing supplies and the integrity of the house,” explained the mayor.

“It is a transitory measure that offers a fixed return to owners by guaranteeing the City Council the payment of rent for a period of five years, while giving us time to collect land for the future construction of social housing” Navas has highlighted.

For his part, the Councilor for Housing, Pablo Centella, stated that “it is necessary to establish measures such as the one we are taking to plenary session today, allocating a significant amount of public money for the promotion of social rent while we continue working on the acquisition of land for the creation of new social housing ”.

The peoplewho will access this new housing stock will be selected by the Social Services workers and, according to the Councilor for General Administration, Sergio Torralvo, “it will be the City Council itself that guarantees the monthly rent for five years, as well as the payment of supplies, both electricity and water

To this end, theprogram will have a budget of one million euros, “so we will allocate 200,000 euros to each of the annuities”, has estimated Torralvo.

The City Council, through its municipal technicians, you can visit the rented home at any time to check its status, since the Consistory will also assume the commitment that the property, once the rental contract ends, is delivered in the same conditions in which it was made available to the institution by the owner.



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