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Benalmádena will launch a homeless care program in 2022

The area of ​​Social Welfare of the City Council plans to develop for the first time next year, a program for the care of homeless people in Benalmádena. This pioneering initiative is planned within the subsidy plan recently approved by the Plenary, within the programs of the social emergency unit.

This was advanced by the councilor of the area, Alicia Laddaga, in response to a question formulated by the PP in this regard due to the recent death in Benalmádena of two homeless people.

The councilor explained that within the strategic objectives for the implementation of this program is the facilitate access for the homeless to public social protection systemsby providing information, orientation  facilitating their approach to users, an action that, from Social Welfare, understands that it could be done through an NGO.

Likewise, it is expected to maintain continuous coordination with the network of public and private resources that serve this group to intervene jointly in each case and provide homeless people with the necessary adequate resources to alleviate their most basic needs, such as food, personal hygiene, hygiene, shelter and specific financial aid.

At the same time,it will also work to encourage the participation of volunteers through multidisciplinary teams that provide human support and that can provide a social solidarity response to the homeless.

As Laddaga explained, the City Council “has been developing this project for months with the intention of helping  these people ”more effectively, since“ in many cases they decline any type of action by our area because, for various reasons, they have chosen that type of life, and they reject the municipal action that we can grant them ”.

In this sense, the councilor stated that “the Spanish legal framework does not allow competent administrations in matters of Social Services impose residential solutions on people who live on the street, configuring this way of life within the scope of the subjective rights of the people, as long as they can govern themselves ”.

The reality that exists in Benalmádena regarding this group varies greatly depending on whether or not they request resources from the Social Welfare area of ​​the City Council. The councilor gave as an example one of the last cases of action in this area relating to a man whose initials are ABR, who on November 23 was identified by the Local Police and who was recommended to go to request help from Social Services .

According to the mayor, “this man came to us the next day and was registered, the hepatitis and Covid vaccines were arranged with the health center and he was asked for a place in a residence hall.” In total, between medical and administrative matters, “in just 13 days we were able to pave the way for this neighbor.”

Thus, Laddaga regretted that “this is the reality that, unfortunately, we often live in Social Welfare, since there are people living on the streets who do not want any type of intervention on our part.”

However, with the implementation of this pioneering care plan for the homeless in Benalmádena, it is hoped to be able to access this social group more effectively with the intention that they can access the different existing aids and lines of action and ultimately , so that the homeless of Benalmádena can have the opportunity for a new beginning, which can propel them towards a comprehensive process of personal and social recovery.



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