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Benalmádena’s active employment policies generate nearly 800 jobs

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for Personnel, Joaquín Villazón, have reported today on the active employment policies promoted by the Government team during this legislature, which have benefited nearly 800 Benalmadens.

Added to this commitment to job creation from the public sector are the excellent figures generated in the productive sector of the city, which have led to the highest affiliation to Social Security in decades in Benalmádena, breaking the record of affiliates last summer .

The mayor announced that, at the end of the legislature, “we will add 309 new jobs created in the City Council during these four years, of which 196 correspond to the consolidation of interim personnel who were in a situation of job insecurity, 67 places are for internal promotion, and we will shortly add 46 new places of free competition”.

The new positions, as he explained, will come to reinforce the municipal staff in which there are few members of the intermediate chain and that was not “balanced enough”.

“When the legislature ends, we will also achieve the figure of 486 Benalmadens benefiting from the different employment plans: at the beginning of the legislature we launched the first municipal employment plan financed exclusively with the City Council’s own funds, from which 125 people benefited in risk of social exclusion; in addition to Plan Aire, where 86 Benalmadens were working; in 2021 we launched a plan to deal with the economic consequences of the pandemic, which meant the return to the labor market of 250 residents; And this year we have started with an employment plan, co-financed with the Junta de Andalucía, thanks to which 25 young people under 30 have achieved their first work experience”, Navas detailed.

Likewise, he valued the commitment to the training and requalification of Benalmaden workers as an element to enter the labor market again. Specifically, from Benemplea they have organized five training itineraries this legislature, in addition to a dozen training actions that have benefited more than 300 residents, with a labor insertion index that is close to 80%.

“This municipal government has a firm commitment to job creation, and to favor the necessary conditions to attract private investment that also generates employment and wealth,” Navas pointed out.

For his part, Villazón explained that the Personnel Area has regularized the labor situation of City Hall workers over the years. “First, we created some 45 jobs to consolidate the situation of each worker, and now we have created a total of 196 consolidation jobs to ensure jobs for people who had been working in the City Council for a minimum of four years,” the councilor reported. .

“In this way, we provide stability to municipal employees who had been working at the City Council for years, regularizing their situation, and ensuring their situation because the consolidation positions that we have just obtained value the previous curriculum, and are not by opposition”, he has qualified .

Through internal promotion, some 60 administrative positions have been taken out so that City Council assistants “can thus promote, and in the next budgets we want to take out new A2 administrative positions, in order to balance the personnel structure of this local administration”, he has assessed. Villazón.

“In addition, we are going to take out new offers of public employment, with more than 40 places once we conclude this consolidation process”, has advanced the Councilor for Personnel.



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