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Benalmadenses will have the Virgen de la Victoria hospital as a reference center

From now on benalmadenses will have the Virgen de la Victoria hospital in Málaga as a reference center, which will put an end to the uncertainty as to whether they will be treated at the Costa del Sol, Marítimo or Clínic hospitals.

This has been announced, after the meetingheld this morning by the mayor, Víctor Navas; and the deputy mayor, Javier Marín and the Territorial Delegate for Health of the Junta de Andalucía in Málaga, Carlos Bautista, in which all the process of change that will entail integration of health agencies in the Andalusian Health Service (SAS).

As Bautista clarified “users do not have to worry about these changes, which will mean gaining in efficiency and agility when granting medical appointments, and to offer adequate health care, ending the uncertainty of whether they would be treated at the Costa del Sol hospital, at the Marítimo or the Clínico”.

This change it will also have a positive impact on professionals, who will be assigned to a specific area, according to the territorial delegate, who has also advanced regarding to the expansion of the High Resolution Hospital (HAR) in Benalmádena, which is “a very important action that we have contemplated since the beginning of the legislature, but unfortunately the pandemic has hampered its development.”

The mayor, for his part, recalled that “we wanted this news to come about, because the citizens of Benalmadena suffered from strange situations that we have communicated to the delegate on several occasions, such as that patients from Benalmádena had to go to Málaga for cataract surgery, while residents of Manilva or Marbella did have surgery in our municipality”.

 From now on the people of Benalmádena “will be attended to in Benalmádena”, according to the mayor, who also explained that “the delegate today explained to us that there will be a period of one year in which the old agency will be transformed so that it becomes part of the SAS, a period of time in which Carlos Bautista has assured us that some of the specialties that we have been demanding for a long time, such as Dermatology, Ophthalmology or Urology, will be added to the High Resolution Hospital (HAR).

“From the highest institutional loyalty, we continue working on the extension of the HAR, and we understand that the first step to move forward was precisely the unification of the agency with the SAS: we hope that it can start now sooner rather than later and that the citizens of Benalmadena can enjoy the hospital you deserve”, Navas estimated.

For his part, the provincial delegate stated that “the health map of the Costa del Sol is going to change in 2022: the Costa del Sol hospital was one of the health agencies that have now disappeared from Andalusia to form part of the SAS, both professionals and infrastructures”.

In this sense, Bautista has detailed that “today we have come to explain to the mayor the new health operation on the Costa del Sol: we are going to launch a health management area that will cover Mijas, Marbella and Estepona; and Benalmádena and Torremolinos will have the Virgen de la Victoria hospital in Málaga and the Guadalhorce district as their reference center, which will thus absorb this part of the coast”.



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