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Benalrítmica gymnasts close the season with excellent results

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for Sports, received this morning a large group of gymnasts and technical team from Benalrítmica, after the excellent season that they have just concluded.

“In Benalmádena not only do more mainstream sports such as football, basketball or tennis work, as is the case in most cities, but it also has great teams in badminton, field hockey or rhythmic gymnastics, where we have one of the largest clubs powerful at Andalusian and national level ”, the mayor celebrated.

Navas stressed that in addition to athletes who come to train four and five hours a day from Monday to Friday, Benalrítmica gymnasts are also good students, “being quite an achievement to reconcile both facets and an inspiring example for all.”

The Benalrítmica gymnasts have had excellent results this season, with a third from Spain in the individual category and two teams at the top of the Andalusian podium in the absolute category.

“Benalrítmicabegins to sound strongly in the national arena of rhythmic gymnastics, taking the name of Benalmádena to all the Andalusian and national championships“celebrated the Sports Councilor, who congratulated the president and the technical team” for their great work to achieve a good quarry in Benalmádena for rhythmic gymnastics.

In Villazón’s opinion, Benalrítmica’s achievements “once again certify the good moment of sport in Benalmádena, which brings together successes in all kinds of sports disciplines.”

The president of Benalrítmica, Manuel Melero, explained that the club has been fighting for 11 years to achieve a prominent name and position, “and now we are finally seeing the fruits of the work of all these years.”

“We also thank all the people who make up the club’s community for their effort,” concluded Melero.

Melero has highlighted the importance for the club of the support of the City Council, “since, being non-profit, without this municipal help it would be impossible to sustain the current structure, and for this we thank the mayor and the Councilor for Sports for this unconditional support ”.

The club’s coordinator, Paula Martínez, explained that the club “has achieved many successes this season at all levels, but I would highlight the absolute level, the highest, which is where we have focused the most efforts this year.”

We have had two very powerful teams at the absolute level, one was third in Andalusia and another Andalusian junior champion, which enabled both of them to attend the Spanish championship,” he highlighted.

Nikita James and Sofía Doña have been as team Benjamin runner-up in Andalusia, and Nikita also achieved the bronze medal in the Spanish Championship,and with his team they also finished fourth in the national team.

“We also have ajunior team in the national team that finished seventh in Spain, which is also an achievement,” he added.

The coordinator has pointed out “constant work, coordination and a bit of madness” as the keys that have allowed Benalrítmica to crown a season with so many achievements.

“The Benalmádena quarry is very promising: we have a good number of young girls who this year have made the leap to the absolute level, and we hope that they will evolve favorably”, he highlighted.



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