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‘Benemplea Includes’ trains almost 170 unemployed and achieves a job placement of 76.09%

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for Employment, Joaquín Villazón, reported today on the results obtained after the development of the actions planned in the AP-POEFE project No. 8Benemplea Includes, co-financed by the City Council and the European Social Fund, provided for in the Employment, Training and Education Operational Program (AP-POEFE) for Local Entities for the Insertion of the most vulnerable people. Through this initiative,a total of 167 unemployed people have been trained in the occupations with the highest demand for employment and a job placement of 76.09 percentof the participants has been achieved.

Today in Benalforma, the mayor and the councilor presided over the closing ceremony of said project, which began in June 2019 and for 32 months has provided professional training, leading to the obtaining Certificates of Professionalism, and labor guidance for people with special difficulties in accessing employment, with the ultimate goal of improving their employability and facilitating their labor insertion.

“A total of 12 training itineraries have been carried out that have trained 167 people in highly demandedoccupations in our town and in neighboring towns”, the mayor has detailed.

Specifically, the data by specialty are: 27 people trained as bar and cafeteria waiters; 29 as Trade Assistants; 27 as Chambermaids; 41 as Gardening Assistants, 30 as Building Cleaning Operators and 13 as Caregivers of Dependent Persons in Institutions.

The age range of the people trained ranges between 17 and 65 years old; for many of them this has been their first professional training while, for others, participation in this project has meant a professional reinvention in occupations that allow them to re-enter the labor market.

“Highlight in this professional training process the importance of the selfless collaboration of companies in our environment, which have collaborated in the delivery of the Internship Module of each of the itineraries”, the Councilor for Employment has valued.

“The internship experience is always a great learning experience for our students; both at a technical level and at a human level and, in many cases, it opens a door to job placement”, he celebrated. “In total there have been 48 companies that have been part of this project and from here, once again, we thank them”, Villazón has thanked.

In addition to the training and job orientation that the participants have received, the project’s technical team has carried out an important labor intermediation job that, as of today, according to the mayor, offers the data of a 76.09% job placement of trained people,“a figure that we are sure will only increase as the economy is definitively reactivated, after overcoming the COVID 19 crisis”.

Thus, the AP-POEFE No. 8 Benemplea Includes project, which is now coming to an end, has been a success story that reinforces the task in the field of training and employment that Benalforma has been carrying out for almost 30 years.

“The results obtained would not have been possible without the professionalism and excellence of the teaching team, the collaboration of our business fabric, the attitude towards learning and the search for employment of the participants, and the commitment of the technical team with the objective of the project. ”, concluded the mayor.



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