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Bonuses for capital gains tax will also be extended to inheritances

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, has reported today on a modification of the tax ordinance regulating the Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land, which will be taken to the next ordinary plenary session for approval. Once it has plenary support, the measure “will enter into force as soon as possible.”

A few months ago, the unconstitutionality of the calculation of the capital gains tax base was raised, and for this reason the municipalities have been forced to draft different regulations that allow adjusting the way in which the capital gains will be applied from now on.

“Is a tax that the city councils have ceded by the autonomous communities, and based on the new legislation that the National Government has implemented, we have drafted a new regulation seeking to make it as beneficial as possible for the residents of Benalmádena”, the mayor has detailed.

The first mayor said that today, in an information commission, “we have put out a proposal by which we will approve the new regulation, and which will mean expanding the number of beneficiaries of capital gains tax bonuses.”

In this sense, Navas explained that until now in Benalmádena, widows and widowers did not have to pay the capital gains tax because it was a sudden situation, unrelated to the business circumstances of a sale between individuals; now, in addition to widowhood, “we are also going to include heirs and heiresses so that they are exempt from paying this tax”.

“With this measure, we want to expand our social coverage so that those families who are faced with the death of a member do not have to face this tax, which we consider should exist only for those purely commercial transactions, between individuals or companies,” he clarified. Navas.

Regarding this capital gains tax, in the mayor’s opinion, “we had to seek greater equity and social justice, and with this measure of including heirs and heiresses in the bonuses, we respond to a need and put an end to situations that in some occasions I have personally considered unfair: to the hardship of losing a family member was added having to face a capital gains tax”.



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