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Bus 103 extends its schedule and stops

The Councilor for Mobility, Javier Marín; and the manager of Innoben (public company responsible for the management of the municipal transport service), Eva Fortes, have announced, on the occasion of the European Mobility Week, that line 103 will soon expand both its frequency of passage and its itinerary , thus reaching new areas of Benalmádena.

Marín explained that the new schedules of this urban bus line “have been adjusted to the entrance and exit of the educational centers, thus attending to the complaints of the educational community” and recalled that throughout the next year free use will be established for registered citizens. In this sense, he assured that “we are already acquiring the cards that will allow registered residents to use the bus for free.”

“From the field of public institutions in recent times we insist on the urgent need to progressively try to leave the private vehicle parked to opt for healthier and more environmentally friendly transport alternatives, and for this reason, from Innoben we are going to promote in In the coming months a series of measures to promote the use of public transport, “reported Marín, who announced that they will soon offer new details on these important changes in the municipal transport service, as the necessary preliminary studies are completed by the Consortium of Transportation.



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