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Campaign to educate schoolchildren about bone marrow and blood donation

The Councilor for Education, Pablo Centella; the president of the Association of Children’s Oncology Volunteers (AVOI); John Carmona; and the director of the center, María del Prado González, presented this morning at the Mariana Pineda school a campaign, promoted by the associations Heroes to the Marrow, AVOI and Paula and the Marrow Factory.

With this campaign, it is intended that the children themselves make the adults in their family aware of the importance of donating bone marrow, and thus increase the number of donors, explained the Councilor for Education.

The objective is to encourage bone marrow donation and that, in the words of Carmona, “many more donors are needed, although thanks to the work of Pablo Ráez the number increased a lot”.

Last year, 67 schools in the province of Malaga participated in this campaign and, according to the president of the association, children have been the protagonists of this project through which, from school they learn about bone marrow and how they can become donors, “and they explain it later to their parents, raising awareness of its importance”.

“This contributes to research on leukemia, and to improving the quality of life of patients, in addition to helping the entire population know what bone marrow is and encouraging them to become donors,” said Carmona, who also commented that this year blood donation has been added to this project.



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