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Carrillo denounces “obscurantism” in public accounts

The last plenary session continues to give something to talk about. The mayor of VOX in the City Council, Gema Carrillo, has denounced that the local government “has prevented the approval of a motion in which we requested compliance with the Law on the Bases of Local Regime and the Laws of Transparency and Good Government.”

Carrillo explained that the Law on the Bases of Local Regime promulgates that when an opposition councilor requests municipal information, “their requests should be resolved within a maximum period of five days. However, we have requests registered months ago for which we are still waiting for a response ”.

Regarding the alleged breach of the Transparency and Good Governance Laws that they denounce, the VOX spokesperson emphasizes that “there are citizens who have been obliged to request protection from the Transparency and Data Protection Council of Andalusia (CTPDA), which has been the one that has forced compliance with the law ”, and regrets that“ they put so many obstacles to our work and that there is so much obscurantism in the public accounts ”.

Carrillo states that during the holding of the information sessions prior to the Plenary, the motion had the favorable votes of the opposition and the abstention of the local government, so “consequently, its approval was proposed in the plenary session.” However, it was not read because, in the words of Carrillo, “the mayor did not know if the City Council that he has presided over since 2015 has complied with transparency laws that are mandatory for any City Council since 2017,” so the motion has remained parked at the expense of sectorial reports that Carrillo hopes “will not be prolonged indefinitely”.

Regarding the documentation presented by VOX for the defense of its motion, three resolutions made during 2021 by the Andalusian Council for Transparency and Data Protection (CTPDA)stand out. urging the City Council to provide the public information that various citizens had requested and that, in the words of Carrillo, “in the absence of a response, they were obliged to request protection from said body”, and a 2020 resolution, in which the municipal company Puerto de Benalmádena, SA “had not provided public information to the citizen who had requested it, nor did they send the required information to the Transparency Council”.

Also, in the statement of reasons for the motion, Carrillo has listed several of the requests for information registered months ago by VOX and that “continue to be resolved”, as well as “a list of some of the breaches detected both in the City Council and in municipal companies ”.



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