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They warn that the IBI subsidies and garbage tax “may have to be returned as they are illegal”

Vox warns that “it is possible that the beneficiaries of the IBI and Garbage Tax subsidy must return the money as they are illegal.” It indicates that during the processing of budgets of the Benalmadense Consistory for the year 2022 “various technical documents have pointedto this possibility given the contrary nature of said subsidy ”, which seems to be, according to what they point out, that“ it would be more  good  of  a  tax benefit subject to the reservation of law ”

They assure that although they have already warned of such a circumstance on different occasions, “the government team has ignored us.” Thus, they gave as an example that, in the 2020 budget settlement report that was submitted to plenary session on August 23, 2021, “the following could be read: As has been referred to in repeated reports by this Intervention, it is not ruled out that the IBI tax subsidy, Arecri, have to be suppressed in the near future, due to lack of legal support ”.

During the plenary session held this morning, the spokesperson for the municipal group, Gema Carrillo, asked a series of questions about the possibility that the citizens who have benefited from said subsidies had to return them, to which the Government team They were answered that “I had no idea that it was supposed to be anything” and about its alleged illegality, they explained that “they are looking for legal formulas to replace said subsidies but they have not yet found them.”

The Government team has shown that “the Arecri is not something that we have invented and if we remove the aid to the IBI a 10 percent rise is calculated that would affect everyone”

In Carrillo’s opinion “it is not reasonable that illegal subsidies continue to be applied according to law and with clear jurisprudence against the Supreme Court in the budgets recently approved for fiscal year 2022. If the pretext is that canceling an illegal subsidy and applying a tax cut would affect municipal collection, there is a wide margin to reduce unproductive expenses and thus maintain the budgetary balance ”.

The PPhas also ruled on the IBI. Specifically, it has regretted that “the subsidies to the IBI have decreased since the PSOE governs.” In this regard, from the Local government has stated that “the subsidies are applied on the final receipt” and that in this way, “the types of subsidy go down in proportion to the cadastral decrease and that the percentage is applied to maintain the income without raising the quota to the neighbor ”.

However, he admits that the IBI has risen but for “properties of more than 600,000 euros, which in most cases are owned by companies.”

Urban tolls and Christmas lighting

On the other hand,  during the plenary session held today, a motion presented by VOX has not gone ahead either, which, among other measures, “rejected the imposition of urban tolls, the establishment of new limitations on road traffic or the prohibition of the circulation of certain vehicles. ”.

A few months ago, Law 7/2021, of May 20, on climate change and energy transition was approved. Said law will entail changes by forcing any municipality with more than 50,000 inhabitants, such as Benalmádena, to create Low Emission Zones before 2023.  In its unsuccessful motion, Vox requested that “the neighbors do not assume the payment of new taxes, tolls or ecological sanctions” and opt for measures that are not strictly tax collection. ” They also asked for a moratorium on the application of restrictions on the use of private vehicles belonging to residents of the municipality and an extension of the current Tree Management Plan that would promote reforestation with native species throughout the municipality.

In the same way, the proposal of the PP to achieve the commitment of all political forces to advance the inauguration of the Christmas lighting “to go online with the rest of the neighboring cities and to support the local commercial fabric” also fell on deaf ears. After entering into countless dimes and sayings about which political party in his years of government, he has put the Christmas lights in Benalmádena earlier and on the ranking of Malaga towns to install them this year, he has finally not gone forward.

Neither has the popular motion on “the reversal of the national government project that raises the reform of the Citizen Security Law” and the proposal regarding granting the title of Adoptive son to the architect Ángel Cañizares.



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