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CD Málaga 91 revalidates the Andalusian First Division Men’s Indoor Hockey Championship

Málaga 91 clearly prevailed in the Andalusian First Division final against CH Alcalá and took the gold of the Andalusian competition with much superiority to the team from Jaén by five goals to one, with two goals from Freddy Sosa, another two from Pedro Ginel and Daniel Orell completed the scoring.

Juanma Requena’s team had no rival on the Moclinejo track and won the gold again, which qualifies them directly for the semifinals of the Spanish Championship and where they will seek classification. For its part, CH Alcalá will have to seek its classification in the sector, which it will play at home.

The bronze went to CH Estudiantes 87, who won the shoot out against RH Prive Benalmádena, after tying four in a vibrant match between pontanese and costa del Sol.

Fifth position went to CHP Benalmádena, sixth to Carataunas Ilusiona and sixth to ACD Liceso Sagrado Corazón.

The individual awards went to:

Top Scorer Trophy: PEDRO GINEL (CD MÁLAGA 91).
Best Goalkeeper Trophy: SALVA MUÑOZ (CH ALCALÁ).

Andalusia Child Male

The second team left the best taste in their mouths, which fulfilled their duels against CH Garnatha and CH Isla de León to finish in 5th position. The male child had to settle for silver in the Andalusian Championship after losing in the final against CH Alcalá.

CH Alcalá has been proclaimed at home, champion of Andalusia in the children’s men’s field hockey category, by beating in the final CHP Benalmádena by three goals to two, in a game that always went to the Costa del Sol with goals from Tomas Pizarro and Marcos Perales and that were traced back by the Alcalá team with two goals from Javier Yébenes and another goal from David Exposito.

In the fight for bronze, CH Estudiantes 87 beat CH San Fernando by two goals to nil, with goals from Jero Martín.

Andalusia Female child

Las chicas del infantil femenino pelearon el bronce contra CDH Málaga Carranque, encuentro que se decidió en la tanda de shootouts y que dejó a las nuestras sin metal.

The CH Pechina team from Almería has made history by proclaiming themselves champions of Andalucia for the first time in the women’s field hockey category, by winning the final in the shoot out against CH San Fernando, after the end of regulation time with a tie at two goals.

The pechineras began by going ahead with a goal from Marta Gutierrez, which was offset in the second quarter with a goal from Lola Valera, who put the islanders ahead again in the forty-seventh minute. With eight to go, Alba Garcia got the tie that opened the door for Sonia González’s girls for the shoot out and to take the final gold.

The fight for bronze was also decided in the shoot out for Hércules Carranque against CHP Benalmádena. In another very tight game that had alternating dominance on the scoreboard, which ended in a tie at two and was decided in the shoot out.

The fifth position went to CH Alcalá, who defeated the Sevillian team of Irlandesas by two goals to one. Two goals from Martina Arjona were enough to take fifth place.




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