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CEIP La Leala achieves two more monitors for its dining room

TheAmpa of CEIP La Leala has held its traditional welcome breakfast for parents of students, an act carried out with capacity restrictions due to the pandemic. During the meeting, which was attended by the Councilor for Education, Pablo Centella, the representatives of the Ampa told him about different needs that the school suffers.

For his part, the mayor of IU assured that the demand for the replacement of the playground in the courtyard of the educational center, which they have been requesting for years, “is close to crystallizing since this school has been one of the first to transfer this lack”. In the same way, he announced that different blacksmith jobs claimed by the school will be taken into account.

In another order of business, Ampa announced that two more people have been approved to carry out the surveillance of the dining room service, some monitors who have already started their work. Likewise, they have explained that “a study is being carried out to clarify whether there are deficiencies in the meals due to the complaints made by some parents.”

On the other hand, the period for candidatures to the school council by parents is now open, a process in which everyone can participate. The Ampa encourages you to “present yourself because a strong sector of parents within the School Council will allow many things to be done for our children.”



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