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Charity food collection to celebrate this Sunday San Isidro Labrador

The Councilor for Celebrations, Pilar Ramírez; and the prosecutor of the Brotherhood of the Nazarene, Cristóbal Palomo, have presented this morning the festival of San Isidro Labrador, which will take place this Sunday, May 15 at 6:00 p.m. in the church of Santo Domingode Guzmán.

“Every May 15 comes out in San Isidro Labrador procession through the streets of Benalmádena Pueblo, surrounded by all the residents, and accompanied by boys and girls dressed as peasants and shepherds“, explained the councilor, who announced that the procession this year will be accompanied by the Municipal Music Band.

On this festivity, all the residents of Benalmádena Pueblo carry out a charity food collection, which the Brotherhood of the Nazarene is responsible for distributing among the most needy families. “After these two years of the pandemic, it is more necessary than ever to help those who need it most, and the Brotherhood of the Nazarene does a great job in this regard, with the collaboration of neighbors, who are dedicated during this day”, has pointed out the mayor.

“May 15 is the day of the patron saint of the countryside, a holiday that the brotherhood takes advantage of to get involved with the most needy people,” said Palomo, who recalled that in the past, the oldest residents of Benalmádena Pueblo would take the saint out in procession to ask him to bring rain to the countryside, a tradition that was lost until 30 years ago the brotherhood began again to take the image through the streets of the town.

“The town totally throws itself into the brotherhood during this festivity, providing food such as fruit, vegetables, milk… which we distribute among those most in need,” Palomo detailed.

The donated food will preferably go to needy families in the area, because although in previous years the collection has been taken to the City of Children and the Heart of Jesus in Malaga, Palomo commented that “as a consequence of the crisis caused by the pandemic, there are also families in great need in Benalmádena Pueblo, and to them we will preferentially allocate the collected food”.



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