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Charity market for 600 vulnerable families in Benalmádena to have a decent Christmas

The pandemic has meant for many families in Benalmádena to go from having a quiet life, without great luxuries but arriving without hurry at the end of the month, to losing everything. The health crisis has highlighted other types of problems, which although they have always been there, became invisible because it seemed that they only affected a few benalmadenses. With the Covid we have realized, among other things, that no one is exempt from losing their job, from staying overnight without income with which to meet the basic needs of the family and children.

TheDragonfly Flight was established precisely as an NGO in March 2020 due to the urgency of the moment experienced by the pandemic. Already, years before from anonymity, its promoters – a group of mothers – had been carrying out altruistic work aimed at helping wherever they detected a situation of vulnerability in the city.

With the Covid, the profile of the families they had been assisting quickly changed. They observed how, suddenly, middle class neighbors had been left totally unprotected, bowed before a reality full of uncertainties and fears.

As they tell us from The Flight of the Dragonflies, in addition to food “we have also had to provide psychological help because you cannot imagine the feeling of guilt suffered by many fathers and mothers” in the face of a situation of surprising vulnerability, which has come to them without warning, suddenly. And it is that, it is very difficult to think in our daily life, starring in the rush and routines, that suddenly something could happen in the world that would take away everything that we have been fighting for years. What will force us to ask for food to be able to feed our children.

Currently there are 600 families registered in this non-profit group in Benalmádena, to whom it provides food and basic necessities. It is a very relevant number of families, residents of the city who need the solidarity of Benalmádena now more than ever. One way to contribute is to go to the charity market organized on December 18 and 19 in the Nueva Torrequebrada shopping center, which will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. This event will bring together numerous merchants who will offer products of different kinds and whose purpose is to provide help to this more than half a thousand families of Benalmádena, who need basic food in their homes.

During these two days of solidarity market there will also be workshops aimed at the little ones of the house in which the Ampas of the town collaborate with the aim of doing their bit and managing to add together so that these vulnerable families of Benalmádena can pass a decent Christmas.

As indicated by this association, “a small gesture can mean a lot to those in need.  There are many ways to help and all of them are important.”

The Flight of the Dragonflies has also launched the Benanoelcampaign, sponsor a toy with which you can collaborate by paying for the gift that some of the 300 children, who attend this association, have requested in their letters to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men . Benalmádena is above all a city of supportive people and proof of this is that “two women have already sponsored 50 children each,” they tell us from The Flight of the Dragonflies.

You can also shoulder your shoulder with the Turkey campaign, which consists in that, through collaborating butcher shops –which have agreed on very low prices to support the cause- to ensure that none of these families is left without being able to enjoy the traditional turkey on these special dates.

It is disheartening that there are such a large number of residents in Benalmádena that they do not have the resources to eat. The work of associations such as The Flight of the Dragonflies becomes fundamental in that, in addition to providing basic resources, they help these families to recover their lives with dignity. Thus, they do not leave these people alone, and also offer them resources and advice that help them not to stagnate in the face of an unwanted situation, which in most cases, they do not know how to manage.

Dragonflies have several ways to collect food, hygiene and cleaning products, which they distribute once a week to families in need. They work hand in hand with businesses in Benalmádena because, according to what they explain, “so the help is double, the needy families are provided with basic products while promoting the local economy (groceries, greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers, etc.) “.

Likewise, they also manage donations of clothing and footwear and sometimes act as intermediaries in the exchange of furniture or belongings that are requested.

Parallel to the food batches, thedragonflies promoted until this summer a program called Solidarity Restaurants, which consisted of providing local restaurants with a weekly budget for the preparation of prepared food. This was distributed twice a week among needy families in the areas of influence of the chosen restaurants. This project also fulfilled a double task: “helping local restaurants to sustain their activity and maintain their staff, as well as providing quality cooked food (with a balanced and healthy diet) to those families in need”.

Knowing that employment is essential to improve the economy of these families, they plan to create a work program that helps unemployed users to prepare their resumes and cover letters, the creation of a database that allows them to catalog the different job profiles in order to give a quick response to a job offer and offer advice and follow-up during the job search process. Likewise, they also plan to launch a training program to bring computing and new technologies closer to their users.

If you want to collaborate with The flight of dragonflies can attend to the charity market that will be held on December 18 and 19 in the commercial center of Nueva Torrequebrada, on Avenida Estrella del Mar, number 18, or if you wish to make a donation, you can contact this association through its weband / or your facebook.



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