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Chef Carla García will show us a kitchen for all tastes

Ole Benalmádenawants to help you in the kitchen. The experienced chef Carla Garcíapresents a kitchen for everyone, with the best tips and tricks for you to prepare dishes with which you will surprise your loved ones on any occasion. The chef of Ole Benalmádena, will teach you, step by step and with illustrative videos, to cook the best homemade dishes, whose aromas will take us back to childhood, recipes to be made with the little ones in the house, for vegans, celiacs, pastry and pastry, and both national and international, because Benalmádena is a cosmopolitan city where people from different parts of the planet coexist and, through gastronomic culture, we will be able to get to know each other better. 

Chef Carla Garcíawill also offergastronomic tipsandwill bring us closer to the work of different associationsand companies that work within the food sector for the benefit of vulnerable people.  

In her section, Ole Benalmádena’s chef, passionate about cooking since she was a child, will give us a kitchen for all tastes, in which to enjoy the different aromas and flavors of the world. But above all, chef Carla is willing to share with all of us a way of cooking that exudes passion and heart. Because, as she herself says: “The richest dish is the one that is cooked with a lot of love.”  

– Carla, when did you start cooking? 

-Since I was little I love cooking … one of my childhood memories is the smell of tomato sauce that my mother made. I would stand next to him, and the smells of spices would come to me … it was at that moment that I began to feel that passion for that mixture of flavors and for that complement, which is cooking for me. At the age of 5 I started cooking with my mother. I loved cooking meat, pasta, vegetables… we made a lot of homemade bread. I was born in Mendoza (Argentina), and we had a pantry. My father was Spanish – my grandfather emigrated to Argentina during the war – and I always say that the roots are passed from generation to generation, they are carried in the blood, and that is why I am so passionate about Spanish cuisine. I love its flavors, its smells, its sauces … It was my mother who taught me the basics of cooking and afterwards I trained professionally.  

-You have participated in several Pastry Chef seminars, is pastry the section you like to cook the most? Strong,  

-I really like cooking in general, and especially bakery and pastry. Throughout my life I have been trained both academically and through work experience in a wide area of ​​the kitchen. I can prepare from a simple traditional dish to one with a maximum complication, in which different modern culinary techniques are used.  When I started my studies to be able to pay for them, I also worked, and I have gained a lot of experience in this sector. In addition, I had the opportunity to learn in depth oriental, vegan cuisine and especially pastry.  

-Carla, what are we going to find in your kitchen section at Ole Benalmádena? 

-At Ole Benalmádena we are going to offer a kitchen for everyone. That is, there will be traditional home cooking, for vegans, celiacs, international, national and, ultimately, recipes for all tastes. 

-Do you think we can all make your recipes at home, even if we are not very skilled in the kitchen? 

-Yes of course. In fact, how you cook at home is done nowhere.  

-You have extensive experience in the training sector … 

-Yes. I have been a kitchen trainer both inside and outside of Spain, for initiates and professionals. In fact, I have not opened a restaurant because I love training. It is something that complements the passion I have for cooking. I enjoy teaching my students to cook and seeing their enthusiasm, their achievements, their growth… Currently, I give different workshops throughout the province of Malaga and I even do them at home for individuals until I open my store. I also have a YouTube channel ‘Cooking with Carla García‘ in which Malaga-flavored products that I incorporate into recipes collaborate.  

-Benalmádena is a very cosmopolitan city, will you help us to learn more about our foreign neighbors through gastronomic culture? 

-Yes of course. We will make recipes from different countries. I am going to teach them to cook dishes from different parts of the world. It will be a way of getting to know  our neighbors from other places, their gastronomic culture. Throughout my academic training, I have participated in seminars both in Argentina and Peru that have allowed me to deepen and specialize in international cuisine.  

-In addition to teaching us how to surprise at our tables with your recipes, you will also offer us gastronomic notes … 

-Yes. I think it is important to know the why of things … we will explain what each food contributes and why there are people who decide not to consume them, as happens, for example, with vegans and meat. Is it bad to eat meat? No. It is important to know that there are people who decide not to consume it not because it is a harmful food, but because of their lifestyle and because of their commitment to the environment. At Ole Benalmádena we will also delve into socio-gastronomic issues.  

-You are also going to offer us, as a gastronomic specialist, interviews with different entities and groups, what can we learn with this contribution? 

-There are groups and companies that make a great effort and contribute to our society, and that are unknown to many. They do a good job and I think it would be interesting to know what they do, because you don’t know when you will need to go to them … or if there is someone who wants to help …  From Ole Benalmádena we are also going to give visibility to these associations and thus, contribute, in some way, to making their work known for the benefit of society. 

-Carla, in your company you carry out workshops for children, what are the benefits of introducing children to the kitchen? 

-First, education in the kitchen. If we cook with our children we help them to become familiar with the different foods and with the different flavors to help them in their nutrition. When cooking, they will get to know the food and, as they taste it, they will decide if they really like it or not. The thing is, sometimes children don’t eat this or that, simply because of the color … but in the kitchen, they see the products and they will want to touch them, taste them … when we involve the child in the kitchen, they experience nutrition in a different way … What for them is like a game becomes something fundamental for them to investigate and dare to try new foods and new dishes and, in the process, enjoy the time they share with their parents.  

-What is the secret so that, without being an experienced chef, you can make a dish of those from a restaurant? 

-My advice is to cook with love. When we put love in what we do, the dishes always come out delicious. We all have different hands for the kitchen, and there is no identical dish even with the same recipe, because it will depend on who executes it, but if we put love and dedication, not only in the kitchen but in any area of ​​life, we will to do with excellence. It is also important to think about what we are going to achieve. We cannot say at first: “I am not going to be able to make this dish because I am not good at cooking.” With help and desire, you take that dish forward. So, if you want to learn new recipes, you just have to see the step by step that I will be offering in my videos in this contribution that I make to Ole Benalmádena, whom I thank for giving me the opportunity to reach readers through the kitchen section. To all those who dare to follow the section, I would like to say that, beyond the screen of the mobile, the tablet or the computer, I want to be close to all of them to accompany and help them and that they make the most of the kitchen in their homes.

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