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Complaints about the single lane of the Coast reach the Diputación and the Junta de Andalucía

The “problem” that a group of citizens have reported regarding the suppression of a traffic lane for road traffic on the Benalmádena Coast has reached the Junta de Andalucía. Thecitizen platform No to the single lane –which has a total of 4,175 members- has held a meeting with José Antonio Víquez Ruiz, delegate for Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía in Málaga. As reported from the platform, they have transferred all the information that these neighbors have been collecting regarding the traffic reorganization project on the Costa and Benalmádena, -which will be financed with European funds, within the Edusi- strategy- and which has meant the suppression of a traffic lane and that foresees the elimination of the median of palm trees from Antonio Machado avenue.

The members of this neighborhood platform have beendenouncing since the summer months, -in which the lane on the Coast was cut off to traffic-, “the continuous and constant traffic jams that they endure on a daily basis.” In addition, they demand the “creation of a citizen table in which the different neighborhood groups participate to decide on the development of the Edusi funds, as reflected in the proposals of this development strategy.”

This platform ensures Ole Benalmádena that “they agree with the remodeling of the coast, but the only thing that is causing the reduction of a lane is problems in daily traffic, as well as security problems because if something happens, the security forces and ambulances also stay stuck in the caravan of cars that you find on the avenue every day ”.

Likewise, these neighbors are also against the elimination of the median of palm trees on Antonio Machado Avenue, which plans to develop the project and whose budget was approved a few days ago in an extraordinary plenary session. At this point, they have the support, in addition to several opposition political parties, of Ecologists in Action, who have sent a letter to the City Council requesting that it “reconsider the project and allocate that investment to renaturalize the urban centers of Benalmádena.”

Ecologists, as this media announced, have shown that “they do not understand the need to modify an already established and functional area with a green median.”

On the other hand, the representatives of the Platform not to the single lane have also held a meeting with the Deputy for the Environment of the Malaga Provincial Council, Cristóbal Ortega. To whom, as well as to the delegate of Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía in Málaga, they also gave a dossier with the exposition of “the problems that we live daily on the Coast since the experiment, pilot test, of the single lane began” .

Actions taken by neighbors

In addition to these last two meetings and the holding of two demonstrations, the Citizen Platform No to the single lane of Benalmádena requested weeks ago, through the municipal registry, both the project, as well as all the reports on it, and has also sent a letter certified with all its demands to the general director of the Edusi funds of the Ministry of Finance of the central Government, the general director of European funds in the Junta de Andalucía, the Minister of Finance Junta de Andalucía, the Secretary General of the Regional PSOE, as well as to the president and secretary of the provincial committee of this party in Malaga and the secretary of the provincial municipal policy of Málaga.

In the same way, they have open signature collections online and have also sent a joint letter to the Andalusian Ombudsman, as requested by this body after receiving numerous private complaints from residents of the town and neighboring cities regarding the, in their opinions, “harmful” consequences that the reorganization of traffic in Benalmádena Costa has brought with it.



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