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Composer Josué Bonnín presents the City Council with copies of his latest work

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for Celebrations, Pilar Ramírez, received this morning at the Mayor’s Office prestigious Madrid pianist and composer Josué Bonnín de Góngora, who has come to present and give the City Council several copies of his latest work, an edition ofPoeta en Nueva York by Federico García Lorca, accompanied by its music and illustrations by Ciria, which will be published by AKAL in January 2022.

“It is a pride to have an artist of the stature of Josué Bonnín de Góngora settled in Benalmádena, a lover of our municipality and Andalusia who today wanted to visit the City Council to present us with several copies of his new work, a very complex work. in which he has created music for these poems by Lorca ”, the mayor has detailed.

Navas has announced thatJosué Bonnín de Góngora is finalizing the composition of a work entitled Suite Benalmádena, “which will surely delight all music lovers, and which we hope to present soon.”

For his part, the composer in relation to the gift he has given to the City Council has commented that “it is a case that contains the collection of poems by Federico García Lorca Poet in New York in the Norton edition, illustrated by Ciria, with my music on the piano with the recitation of Rafael Taibo ”.

“Andalusia is a land with one of the greatest telluric forces in the world, and I maintain a close connection with Benalmádena in particular because I have a family in the municipality, which I think is a marvel that has a great cultural tradition,” said Josué Bonnín.

In addition, the artist has valued that “the great poets of Spain, which is to say practically the world, were born in Andalusia is not a coincidence, but rather responds to the strange and poetic mix that occurs in this land and the depth of its town”.



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