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Concentrations in rejection of the aggression suffered by a health worker at the HAR of Benalmádena

From all the centersthat make up theCosta del Sol Health Agency yesterday organized concentrations of rejection of the aggression suffered by a health workerat the High Resolution Hospital (HAR) in Benalmádena, -centre dependent on the Costa del Sol Health Agency-, the past Sunday the 14th of this month. In this way, they have expressed “our full support for the attacked comrade and the absolute rejection of violence. We hope that situations like these will never be repeated.”

The events, which are being investigated by the police, occurred in the emergency service where a health worker was accused, insulted and received a punch in the chest by a patient.

For its part, the Satse Nursing Union, in addition to lamenting the event, criticized the “passivity shown by the Management Directorate of the Costa del Sol Health Agency in the face of the aggression suffered by this nurse”, a circumstance denied by the Directorate, according to statements made in various provincial media.

The union stated in a statement that “we have to express our feeling of rejection and indignation, at the aggression suffered, on 11/14/2021 in the morning shift, by our colleague in the emergency service. It is our vocation to assist and our professionalism which pushes us to overcome these situations, which need the rejection and support of the whole of society, to be able to stop this intolerable situation “.

In the same way, the union has requested “an increase in active security measures against aggressions and that the Prevention and Attention Plan against Aggressions to Professionals of the Andalusian Public Health System be implemented”, to prevent events such as those that occurred in Benalmádena will be repeated.



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