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Concern for the works of the new educational centers due to the lack of agreement in the budget of the Board

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for Education, Pablo Centella, have chaired this morning a new meeting of the Municipal School Council, a body that brings together the different sectors that come together in the education system.

“With the aim of promoting the maximum participation of groups and social agents, we celebrate this Municipal School Council, in which we sit down with directors and directors of educational centers, teachers and Ampas to take their pulse and find out what their concerns and needs are, and thus to be able to transfer them to higher instances, because the powers in educational matters correspond to the Junta de Andalucía ”, the mayor has clarified.

In this meeting they have addressed the news about the construction of new educational centers in the municipality that, according to Navas, “will depend on whether the government of the Junta de Andalucía be able to get a new budget ahead, or if an advance of the Andalusian elections will have to take place ”.

The first mayor commented that “we hope they will be able to approve a new budget from the Board, and thus we can have in 2022 the necessary budget items to start the construction of these new educational centers.”

Regarding the votes on the Andalusian budget, which will take place today at 9:00 p.m., at this time it seems that it could not go ahead since the Andalusian Government of PP and Ciudadanos has not reached an agreement with either of the two opposition groups with those who have negotiated separately, PSOE and Vox. Although there is still time to reach an agreement, the reality is that the positions are very far apart and it would be strange if some of the opposition groups change their position and the bill manages to circumvent the amendments to the totality that are registered in the Parliament.

It should be remembered that both PSOE and Vox officially broke the negotiations with the Andalusian Government regarding the approval of the Board’s budget for 2022 by the audio of the vice president of the autonomous administration, Juan Marín (Cs), -filtered by the Cadena Ser- in which, among other manifestations, it assured that “it is stupid to approve a budget for the year 2022 as it is the year of elections.”

The mayor recalled that the municipal government team already made available to the Junta de Andalucía in 2017 a plot for the construction of a new institute, “and since then we have been demanding new educational places to respond to the demand caused by the increase of population”.

Benalmádena currently has five institutes and nine educational centers, but the increase in population during the last decade makes it necessary to create new educational infrastructures, according to the City Council.

Likewise, the Councilor for Education, Pablo Centella, stressed that in addition to the new centers that are planned to be built in Benalmádena, “we are also going to study possible alternatives that prevent the current centers from remaining so saturated, until the new Secondary Education center enters working”.

On the other hand, in addition to other issues related to schools and the operation of the Ampas, the City Council also offered information on the award to the entire educational community of the distinction of Benalmadenses of the Year by the City Council.

In this sense, Centella stressed that “they have been an example for the whole of society, especially our boys and girls, who have surprised us by their capacity for resilience and adaptation to the new reality of the use of masks and social distance.”

The IU councilor also wanted to highlight that from the delegation he directs “we are very concerned about all that non-curricular education, related to the education in values ​​of the students, parents and mothers.”

The reactivation and recovery of municipal programs and activities for the educational community of Benalmádena, after the period of suspension due to the pandemic; the subsidies for Ampas granted in 2021, or the request to start up the socio-educational intervention classroom were other issues debated during the commission held this Wednesday morning.



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