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Culture does not shut up in the face of gender violence and organizes awareness-raising activities

The Municipal Delegation ofCulture joins the commemoration of the InternationalDay for the Elimination of Violence against Women this November 25.

“Faced with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Culture does not want to remain silent or on the sidelines, and that is why from the Culture and Education delegations of the City Council this year we have wanted to reinforce that message,” explained the councilor from IU, Pablo Centella.

Thus, in the Casa de la Cultura there are vinyl canvases with messages of awareness on the serious problem of gender violence on both its front and side façades.

“This November 25 again marks an important moment to claim before the various public administrations the need to dedicate more resources to the fight against sexist violence, and to report to the courts that there are still too many Thursdays and prosecutors who are not sensitive to this problematic ”, Centella has defended.

In addition to dressing the House of Culture with these protest canvases, the MunicipalEducation Delegation has organized workshops in schools and institutesso that the youngest become aware of this problem.

On the other hand, at the Benalmádena Exhibition Center this Thursday, November 25, a conference will be held to, according to Centella, “from the world of art, analyze artistic works that offer an image of feminine beauty that hid significant suffering in their background for the women”.

The mayor of IU wanted to send a message to women, especially the youngest: “we claim their freedom, and for this reason they do not have to put up with the slightest gesture or lack of respect for their integrity, because today’s insults can be the slap of tomorrow ”.

Ole Benalmádena recallsthat the Ministry of Equality, through the Government Delegation against Gender Violence, provides the Telephone service for information, legal advice and immediate psychosocial attention by specialized personnel for all forms of violence against women, through the abbreviated dialing telephone number 016; by WhatsApp at the number 600 000 016 and by email to the online 016 service:



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